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Learn about the procedures for opening a commercial registry in Dubai for Saudis

Learn about the procedures for opening a commercial registry in Dubai for Saudis

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for Saudis has become easier in the current period, as the UAE government has facilitated all procedures for investors. To start their commercial activity, by adding privileges and facilities related to the process of commercial registration of establishments, Therefore, let us learn, through this article, about ways to open a commercial registry in Dubai for Saudis.

Procedures for opening a commercial registry in Dubai

As we mentioned earlier, there are several procedures to be able to Opening a commercial registry in Dubai, But let’s first get to know what are the critical steps through which you can establish a company in the UAE?

  • It is obvious that you must first determine the type of activity that the company would like to engage in. So the type of investment is very important, whether it is tourism, educational, commercial, agricultural, etc..
  • Choose the trade name of your business, The name must reflect the type of activity. and not to be repeated, It shall not be a name that falls under the names that do not comply with ethical standards.
  • Submit proof of ownership or lease of the company’s website to carry out the activity through it.
  • Obtaining the initial approvals for the project from the concerned and responsible authorities in the country.
  • the legal form of the company, Will it be a private or public shareholding company, partnership, or limited liability company…etc.
  • After completing these procedures, it is possible to apply for opening a commercial registry for the company easily.

Itqan can be relied upon to complete all the previously mentioned legal procedures through the best cadres it owns.

Why did he choose to invest in Dubai?

Dubai is now A very attractive city for investment, and this is through several advantages that have been able to attract more investors around the world, The UAE government has also By facilitating many procedures for everyone looking to invest in Dubai.

This is by providing an ideal infrastructure for all types of investment. In addition to tax exemption in some areas of the economy, Also, there are many types of residence permits that grant several privileges to their holders. So Dubai is the land of dreams as it is called. So if you have a passion for investing and you are a big businessman or even a small businessman, You can definitely fulfill your passion dream and invest in Dubai.

You can rely on Itqan Investment Services to complete all procedures for establishing companies for foreigners or Saudis. And through the best trainers who will help you get the best investment opportunities, Ending all procedures in the fastest time and at the lowest cost covered by the best quality in finishing.

As for opening a commercial registry in Dubai for Saudis, it is as follows:

As we mentioned some steps above, To obtain the opening of a commercial registry, As for opening a commercial registry for Saudis , it is through the following steps.

  • Submit all the documents required above, And then submit it to the Department of Economic Development.
  • Commercial license fees are paid within thirty days of issuing the payment permit. A maximum of six months, after which the payment authorization will be cancelled.
  • Register in the Chamber of Commerce as an investor.
  • The date of issuance of the license is calculated by the date of issuance of the payment authorization.

Itqan Investment Services Company is one of the pioneers in providing all the services of senior businessmen, You can also complete all legal procedures for any institution in the shortest time. And through it, you can get valuable investment advice that transfers your organization to the center of the investment workforce in the world. We always strive to provide the best for all our customers around the world.


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