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Learn about the most important laws of the free zone in Dubai

Learn about the most important laws of the free zone in Dubai

Dubai Free Zone Laws The United Arab Emirates has set several laws through which the investment process is regulated within the free zones in the Emirates .

Where these laws attracted many investors, It works to organize the foundations of work in free zones.

So let’s review the most important laws that every investor should know.

If he is thinking of investing within Dubai Free Zone.

The most important laws of the free zone in Dubai

As we mentioned earlier, the Dubai government has set several laws regarding work within the free zones in the UAE.

But what is the benefit of the Free Zones Law for the investor?

There are several benefits and features offered by the Free Zones Law to all investors, and the most important:

  • It facilitates all transactions needed by the investor.
  • A law characterized by ease and simplicity without any complications.
  • Providing all the needs of all companies or individuals.
  • Providing more opportunities for investment.
  • Establishing a company in the free zone does not require a sponsor. Where the owner owns the company 100%.
  • Permission to engage in all commercial activities, As long as it does not fall under the name of dangerous activities.

What are the investment laws in the free zone?

  • Among the laws of the free zone is the Financial Affairs Law

It is about punishing all investors involved in money laundering.

And hold them accountable for the damage to the economy caused by those actions.

  • Banking and financial activity laws
  • This law is a license for all companies, owned by individuals or a group of investors.
  • In addition, all transactions between these companies within the free zones are in UAE dirhams only.
  • Starting a business through activities in the financial market, All approvals must be obtained from the concerned authorities in order to practice business and start trading.
  • Companies established more than 4 years ago can To start investing in free zones.
  • Existence of all business systems, To ensure the rights of employees and be responsible for the environment to work in all areas.

Companies to which the UAE Free Zones Law does not apply

  • State owned companies.
  • Oil exploration companies.
  • water purification companies.
  • production companies
  • Electricity and energy.
  • Corporations to which the Federal Private Act applies.

What is the bankruptcy law within the free zone?

The UAE government has set several laws related to work within the free zone. Chief among them is the bankruptcy law.

This is to reduce some companies from falling into the trap of bankruptcy and the end of their investment journey.

It backed up this risk of bankruptcy by, Issuing loans and working on structuring those companies and their references again.

The free zone in the Emirates offers many advantages to all investors around the world. It also facilitates all procedures to start your investment project as soon as possible.

Therefore, the UAE has the easiest conditions and procedures for the free zone in all Arab countries.

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