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Learn about the advantages of investing and residing in Dubai

Learn about the advantages of investing and residing in Dubai

The advantages of investing and residing in Dubai are many and varied, as the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the best cities characterized by modernity and development. Which will be like a dreamland for any investor, Through which you will get the best investment opportunities in Dubai, so through this article let us review the most important features of investment and residence in Dubai.

Advantages of investing and residing in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best cities that has a very suitable infrastructure for investment in all fields. So let’s first get to know the advantages of investing in Dubai?

  • Perfect infrastructure

The UAE, as we mentioned earlier, has An ideal infrastructure for all areas of investment, As it is one of the best infrastructures in the Middle East, and this is one of the most attractive factors for investors around the world.

It also contains the best airports that fall within the global ranking in terms of development in modernity or organization. And let’s not forget that it owns several ports that are considered the most commercially active in the Middle East. It is one of the most important advantages of investing in Dubai

  • A first class tourist city

Dubai is considered one of the best and most active tourist cities at the present time. Therefore, there are many investment opportunities through which companies in various fields can reap more profits.

  • Tax exemption and the lowest tax rate for oil and petroleum companies

Dubai is one of the best cities in which you can get your full profits without any decrease. Where the state exempts many segments from paying taxes, The tax is limited to oil and petroleum companies at 5% of net profit

In addition to a fifteen-year tax exemption for companies in the free trade zone, It also allows foreigners to own 100% of the capital without the need for a local partner.

Secondly, the advantages of residency in Dubai

Residence in Dubai contains many advantages, Which will contribute significantly to providing more opportunities and privileges for investors in Dubai , and residency in Dubai is divided into several types, namely:

  • Golden residency in Dubai

The golden residency in the UAE, One of the most important types of residencies that any investor, artist or scientist can obtain, Where residency provides the opportunity to stay in the country without the need for an Emirati sponsor, It also allows its owners to own 100% in the UAE without the need for a local partner.

Golden residency in Dubai is given to a number of categories such as artists, scientists, investors, Outstanding students.

  • Green residence in Dubai

The essence of green residency in the Emirates lies in helping expats in Dubai obtain residency, without the need for permission from a work sponsor.

  • Investor residence for three years

types of residency in Dubai, It is an investor residence for 3 years in the UAE. Which allows investors to obtain a three-year residency that can be renewed upon completion, provided that the investor owns a residential property with a value of not less than 750 thousand dirhams.

  • Entrepreneur residence visa

It is considered one of the most important types of residence that entrepreneurs can obtain. Where a businessman must own a share in a company operating in any field, and be willing to transfer their entire residence to the UAE, In addition to having ideas that the state can benefit from.

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