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Issuing a high school certificate in the Emirates

Issuing a high school certificate in the Emirates

Issuing a high school certificate in the Emirates, Documentation is required. This is due to the discontinuance of the university stage on it, This is whether the study is in the UAE or abroad. Where institutions do not consider unauthenticated certificates, It’s also very easy. in terms of procedures, As a result of the efforts of the state, To provide convenience for students.

How to document the general secondary certificate in the Emirates

It’s not as easy as some people think. This is where documentation is not limited to the place of study only. But it is done through several sides, which puts seals, and necessary documentations, This is so that students can enroll in universities.

Steps to document the high school certificate

The Ministry of Education clarified all procedures. In order to help the students, These procedures are:

Issuing a high school certificate from the school

That’s where students go to the place of study; to obtain their high school diploma, This is after paying all dues.

Documentation of the certificate from the Ministry of Education

Students go to the Ministry of Education. This is after obtaining the documented certificate from the school. In order to complete some procedures, The student himself must be present. His passport must also be provided. The passport must also be valid. This is done through several steps, Which:

  1. fill in the application data, Through the student’s personal data, In addition to the study data.
  2. Submit proof of passing the high school exam, And that proof is represented in the documented school certificate.
  3. And this is done quickly, This ranges from 3 to 5 days. Its cost is also nominal. That is where students pay only 15 dirhams.

Attestation of the high school certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It is the penultimate stage. That is where the documentation is from the outside, By submitting the original certificate document, In addition to a copy thereof, It is fast, This is where the documentation takes place within a maximum period of 7 days. This is after the student pays the necessary fees. It is 160 dirhams.

Attestation of the certificate in embassies

This is the final stage of documentation. that’s where students go to embassies, According to the country’s consulate, in which they wish to study, In order to put the consular seals on the certificate, Fees vary from one consulate to another. As the duration varies, This depends on the nature of the matter in the consulates.

Equivalency of the secondary school certificate

Doing the equation is a major requirement. For residents of the UAE, In addition to those wishing to study there, This is where the country has distinguished universities, which students seek to join their ranks, This is in their desire to excel in the labor market.

What are the requirements for certificate equivalency?

Certificates must be notarized. This is done by following the aforementioned steps. It must also be translated. This is if it is issued in a language other than Arabic. Certificates are not equivalent. This is if it is an open education system.

Documents required for the equivalence of a high school diploma

The Ministry identified some documents, In order to verify the entitlement of students to the equation, These documents are:

  • student passport, In addition to the identity card, It is also required that both be valid.
  • In addition to a copy of scholastic certificates, For the last three academic years
  • In addition to the language exam version, For holders of Arab passports
  • A copy of the Islamic education test must also be available. This is for Muslim students only
  • You must also successfully pass the EMSAT English exam. With a score of (1100) as a minimum. In addition to successfully passing the EMSAT Math exam, With a score of (500) as a minimum; This is for students of the American curriculum

How to obtain a secondary school certificate instead of a lost one in the Emirates

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