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Issuing a commercial registration in Dubai

Issuing a commercial registration in Dubai

Issuing a commercial registration in Dubai

Obtaining a commercial registry in Dubai is a service provided by the UAE government to help investors establish companies and investment businesses legally.
The government supports investors and works on flexible procedures for obtaining a commercial registration in Dubai in just minutes and from anywhere in the world without the need to visit Dubai to save time and effort.

In this article, we show you how to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai and what are the conditions for obtaining a commercial registration in Dubai, in addition to the advantages that an investor or businessman obtains when establishing projects in Dubai .


Issuing a commercial registration in Dubai

How to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai

Obtaining a commercial registration in Dubai requires taking several legal steps to open the commercial registration in a legal and sound manner to conduct business in Dubai. Here is how to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai:

  • You must visit the official website of Dubai Economy to obtain the commercial registration.
  • Enter the commercial registry service by pressing the login button.
  • Enter your email and password to log into your account on the site.
  • Log in to be able to submit a commercial registration request.
  • Enter your company’s website information.
  • Register the shareholders of your company on the platform.
  • Choose the primary activity of your company and the secondary activity as well.
  • Add the data for the founding parties of the company.
  • Choose the type of license appropriate for your activity (merchant license, Business license, instant license).
  • Enter the details of all parties to the license.
  • Select the official ultimate beneficiary.
  • Attach the documents, provided that they are signed by all parties.
  • Pay the costs of issuing a commercial registration in Dubai.
  • Issuance of the commercial registration in Dubai and the documents associated with it.


Conditions for issuing a commercial register in Dubai

To issue a commercial registration in Dubai in accordance with the laws, It includes conditions that must be met to establish a company legally. In the following points, we discuss the conditions for issuing a commercial registry in Dubai:

  • Determining the type of activity, whether commercial, industrial or other activity, is necessary because many procedures depend on it.
  • Choosing the name that expresses the company and its activity in accordance with what is stated in the regulations and laws to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai, It does not contradict public tastes and morals. clearly expresses the activity, It is not similar to the name of another company, It does not include His Majesty’s name, government agency, or political terminology.
  • Initial approval is a prerequisite, and it is done through the competent authorities in Dubai, and it is concerned with approving the trade name and the appropriateness of the type of activity.
  • Renting or buying a workplace with an area of not less than 200 feet, Provided that a notarized contract for the rental premises is provided and certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • It is not allowed to own more than one commercial license to work, and it is required that the licenses be submitted to the competent department in Dubai.
  • Obtaining the necessary additional approvals from government agencies according to the activity in which it is concerned.
  • Payment of the cost of issuing a commercial registration in Dubai in order to receive it.


Advantages of investing in the Emirate of Dubai

The advantages offered by Dubai are endless to encourage multinational investors to invest in Dubai and expand their business within Dubai and the free zones . In the following points, we present the advantages of investing in Dubai :

  • Dubai is considered the most important ideal market for investments, expansion and business establishment in various fields.
  • The efforts of the Dubai government to provide flexible procedures for various local and foreign investors to expand and establish projects.
  • Flexibility in issuing licenses, obtaining a commercial registry in Dubai and legal documents for work in Dubai.
  • Providing electronic platforms and electronic payment methods to pay the required fees and costs in a few minutes.
  • Financial support with the provision of training courses for the establishment and development of startups, in addition to supporting young investors.
  • In some areas in Dubai, such as free zones, companies can be established without paying taxes, in addition to benefiting from the full profits with customs exemptions.
  • The strength of the infrastructure and its permanent development on the best global approach, in addition to the development of raw materials for transport services.
  • Its economic and political stability and the huge cultural awareness of the city, which encourages investment.
  • Its unique strategic location between East and West.
  • An unparalleled global shopping market in the rapidly developing Middle East attracts everyone from different countries.
  • The size of the investment opportunities offered by Dubai and the tremendous development it has witnessed over the past years.
  • Diversity of opportunities to encourage the establishment of various businesses of different sizes and capitals.
  • Dubai is an environment for investment businesses, which helps in the rapid growth of these businesses in the short term.
  • Grants approved for young people with ideas with a clear feasibility study.
  • The wide economic growth witnessed by the region in various commercial and industrial activities, professional and others.


How to set up your company in Dubai?

  • Determining the type of activity in which the company will operate, which determines the type of license, the appropriate region and the legal form, Activities in Dubai vary between commercial, industrial, service and others.
  • Choose a distinctive name for the company that matches the nature of the activity and the regulations and register it with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.
  • The importance of the legal form and its accurate selection, provided that the legal form is compatible with the type of activity that was previously chosen.
  • The necessity of initial approval of the validity of the previous steps to establish a business in Dubai.
  • Choosing a suitable location to work in Dubai by buying or renting and providing a contract certified by the competent authority.
  • The need for you to obtain additional approvals to approve the practice of specific activities from the authorities concerned with those activities.
  • Issuing the commercial license necessary to work in Dubai legally on a sound approach and after paying the value of the costs required for the license, then registering with the Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, and then obtaining a commercial registry in Dubai.

Looking for help to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai?

  • We will provide you with everything you are looking for in terms of auxiliary means for investing in Dubai and establishing various investment projects.
  • Extracting documents and clearing procedures with government agencies as quickly as possible with the highest efficiency.
  • Opening a commercial registry in Dubai and issuing a commercial license for various types of activities as soon as possible.
  • Granting all legal advice from the most skilled business advisors and service providers.
  • All practical solutions to address the problems and obstacles that may occur during investment in Dubai.
  • A trained technical support team to answer inquiries and provide support seven days a week.
  • Providing business packages suitable for all budgets and capitals for businessmen.
  • Providing office space for rent in Dubai in various sizes for various fields.

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