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Investor residency in Dubai

Investor residency in Dubai

If you are not an Emirati citizen, you will need a visa to reside in the country. There are different ways and many types of residence visas that enable you to reside in Dubai. In order to obtain this visa, you need to follow procedures and pay a financial cost, and it can also be by buying a property or investing in the UAE through a commercial project in Dubai.

Documents required to obtain an investor residence visa in Dubai

When considering moving to the UAE and investing, You have to look to the future and have an idea of the issues that you may face during the issuance of the visa. Here are some important information that you should know before investing in Dubai

Types of residence visas

If you own a property within the city of Dubai, Or you want to get into real estate investment, You can submit an application to obtain residence in the UAE through the real estate and immigration authorities office in the Emirate of Dubai. The residence visa costs about 1,100 dirhams and enables you to reside in the UAE for a period of no less than six months. Some of the procedures of the Department of Lands and Properties have been amended by the state in order to extend the residence period to two full years, and it also grants you a commercial license, but it is not recognized as a visit visa and is not relied upon in business. Although it is recognized by the UAE government, And you can benefit from this property in renting for housing and take advantage of the huge Dubai real estate market so that it promises you an investment and a financial return, and we provide you with this service in perfection. You can view it via

You must prepare the following papers:

Licensing the company as a first step.

Four passport photos.

Obtaining a visa application form.

Copy of a valid passport (the original passport will be requested later)

Visa application fee.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, A copy of the entry stamp or any other valid UAE visa must be attached

Self-employment visa

In the self-employment visa, if you possess talent and skill and have a commercial license in Dubai for self-employment, you can do it. You are not required to work for anyone or to be inside a company. You can thus obtain a special visa, and it may cost you from 2500 AED to 16 thousand AED, Depending on how long you want to stay and the area you want to work in within Dubai, There are places in the UAE where you can work as a freelancer in Dubai specifically, and there is Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village. This is at a very reduced cost during one year.

Investor visa for three years

This visa can be obtained for a period of three years, and it is renewable. It does not have an expiration date if you are unable to leave the country within a period of up to six consecutive months. This visa can be used in any way you prefer, whether you are the owner of a company, real estate, or an investor, or you are a partner of a local person. Or you can get this visa for all your family members, And you can assign all the legal and paper work related to the visa before the government agencies to us, and our staff will do the necessary work and provide all the documents, To the Immigration Office and hand it over to him in order to get it properly.

United Arab Emirates has a lot of opportunities, Hence, it is an easy gateway for investment and above all it is always better to do a complete study before you move anywhere or make a big decision like making an investment in the UAE.

We help you with this in mastering by doing a feasibility study for your project and also finding suitable investment opportunities for projects in Dubai through investors dealing with us or through existing projects

We will be with you until the establishment of your company

Ha. By establishing your own company in the Emirates , you can obtain a residence permit in Dubai. In Itqan, you can assign all the legal and paper work of your company in front of the government agencies to us, and our staff will do what is necessary, and we will facilitate all procedures for establishing the company, And it never takes a lot of time to start creating them. This is because the state provides and facilitates the construction process without complications.

And the UAE has provided you with approved and designated places to build any commercial activity you want. These areas are called free zones. Where establishing a company in the free zone in the UAE is considered the best and most suitable for establishing small companies from several aspects, whether technical or flexible office options, These options help you enter your office area within the company and provide you with important and basic public services such as the company’s receptionist, meeting room, office and voicemail services, This is based on some foundations and criteria.

After the completion of the establishment of the company, You should contact the local immigration department and the Ministry of Labor. in order to make worker appointment files, He requested a number of visas from the Free Zone Authority, and upon completion of the issuance of work permits for the employees, We do residency procedures for them, and this is in accordance with the UAE labor law. It is not permissible to appoint a person for employment in the company who did not obtain a visa previously, because this violates the laws of the Ministry of Labor.

Business stay

There is another type of business visa as well. It is one of the modern visas that help businessmen investors in their requirements within the Emirate of Dubai, and it is not required for them to have their own company in the Emirates or even an office branch for them. The Dubai Authority provides licenses to establish a commercial project in Dubai for businessmen. The Authority is called an incubator program for government projects. The Dubai Authority offers visas at reduced prices for those who wish to establish a commercial project in Dubai.


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