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Investment Opportunities in Bahrain – Explore them with Itqan

Investment opportunities in Bahrain

Investment Opportunities in Bahrain – Explore them with Itqan

and other countries in the Middle East, In addition to providing advanced infrastructure and modern labor legislation.

So, We at Itqan encourage you to start investing in Bahrain because of the advantages and facilities it provides to investors. Click here to put together an action plan

Advantages of investing in Bahrain

Where the Kingdom of Bahrain provides many advantages to investors, whether they are citizens or foreigners, The most important of these advantages:

  • حرية إعادة توطين وتحويل الأرباح ورؤوس الأموال.
  • إمكانية استيراد أو تصدير العملات المحلية والأجنبية.
  • عدم وجود ضرائب على الدخل، أو الأرباح الرأسمالية، أو المبيعات، أو العقارات، أو الفوائد، أو أرباح الشركات الموزعة، أو رسوم حقوق الامتياز.
  • تستضيف البحرين مركز التحكيم التجاري لدول مجلس التعاون الخليجي، والذي يقوم بتسوية المنازعات التجارية الخاصة بمواطني دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي بشرط أن لا تقل القيمة المتنازع عليها عن 15 ألف دينار بحريني.
  • تسمح مملكة البحرين للأجانب بممارسة معظم الأنشطة بنسبة 100%.
  • The most important areas of investment in Bahrain

    The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain is also seeking to attract foreign investments in many vital sectors such as:

    • الخدمات المالية.
  • قطاع الصناعة.
  • العقارات.
  • الخدمات اللوجستية.
  • تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات.
  • Procedures for establishing a company in Bahrain

    Security approval: To obtain security approval, the following steps must be taken:

    First: Attach a copy of the passport

    Secondly: Determine the business

    Third: Fill out the Bahraini Ministry of Interior form

    Establishment of the company

    In order to establish properly, you must attach the following documents:

    • توقيع العقد. 
  • استمارة التأسيس.
  • جواز السفر وصورة الهوية الشخصية. 
  • خطاب مرجع بنكي.
  • قائمة بالأسماء التجارية المقترحة. 
  • السيرة الذاتية. 
  • وكالة من كاتب عدل.
  • كشف حساب لمدة ثلاثة أشهر.
  • نموذج الإقرار ونموذج التوقيع ونموذج معلومات العميل.
  • The best investment areas in Bahrain

    Financial advisory service

    Because Bahrain’s economy is one of the most important financial and banking economies in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East, this makes any work related to the banking or financial field in general a very distinguished work. If you really want to start investing in Bahrain, it would be a good idea to start with a financial and tax advisory service. This is if you have experience in this field. And if you have more capital, you can create your own bank.

    Banks in Bahrain have achieved impressive success. As Bahrain is one of the strongest financial economies, So it would be good to set up a private bank. You will need very large capital, However, this investment project will provide you with profits worth the adventure.

    Food import

    Bahrain relies on imports from various countries for the largest proportion of its food. In fact, Bahrain imports a very large percentage of its meat from Australia only, and this is due to the weakness and poverty of agricultural lands inside the Kingdom. This constitutes a good income to start your investment business in Bahrain.

    The idea of importing food is a very important idea that you should keep in mind when you want to invest in Bahrain. It will not require a very large capital, and the environment surrounding you in Bahrain contributes to the success of your investment project to a large extent. Try to study the matter, and you will find the idea appropriate, especially if you are proficient in this matter.

    phones and accessories

    Phone sales in Bahrain are very high compared to other Gulf countries, so what distinguishes this investment project most is that you can start on a small scale and then expand to a larger scale, and one of the great advantages is also the ability to have a website on which you place your goods, Or post your goods on the famous Amazon website, which makes it easier to market your products, and makes you not need large costs in the marketing process.

    In conclusion, we present to you a very important last note. We advise you to get acquainted with the country’s laws well before starting work in Bahrain. We have mentioned to you here the most important ones, but you must get to know them more to avoid problems and to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

    These were the most important investments that you can start with in Behn. Contact Itqan now to help you with all procedures.


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