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Investing in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

Investing in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

It is no secret to anyone, whether small or large, the investment development that is taking place in the Emirate of Dubai. And its terrible transformation into one of the largest regions in the world attracting investment projects. The Dubai government started, nearly two decades ago, an initiative to establish free trade zones in the country to increase its market value and investment value, as it initiated some measures to change the economic structure of the UAE. Dubai has amazing advantages for foreign investors and offers them unusually strong advantages and facilities. One of the most important of these free zones in Dubai is the Dubai Airport Free Zone, which made it one of the first choices for many foreign investors.

Benefits of Dubai Free Zones

One of the important things taken by the government of the Emirate of Dubai in cooperation with the government of the United Arab Emirates is the establishment of the concept of free zones, which were of great benefit to the growth of many companies and shareholders, It also greatly influenced the movement of attracting investors and investment companies to Dubai and turning it into the investment capital of the Middle East. As a result, Dubai achieved its value among the international community of businessmen and investors. As it gives investors many advantages, such as full ownership of companies, tax exemption, and many advantages that are not found in some other regions

Types of licenses available in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

One of the most important procedures taken in starting to establish a company or business in the free zones in Dubai is obtaining a work license, which is one of the hard things for investors, but the government of the Emirate of Dubai legalized the matter and made it easy. The licenses vary at Dubai Airport with the diversity of the activity to be implemented and The licenses are as follows

Commercial license

It is a license that allows the owner to carry out commercial activities including importing, exporting, re-exporting, distributing and storing certain products.

  • Service license

It is a service-oriented license that enables the company to provide the services specified in the license.

  • Industrial license

This license enables the project owner or industrial activity to carry out light manufacturing, packaging and assembly activities.

  • General commercial license

This general trading license allows the investor to trade in general activities, including import, export, re-export, storage and distribution.

  • E-commerce license

It is a license that allows the investor to trade in goods and services over an electronic network using electronic means

Advantages of investing in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Free zones in general and the Dubai Airport Free Zone provide many advantages and facilities that made it the ideal choice for investors. Where any investor, whether a foreign investor or even a local investor, searches for the largest number of facilities and concessions offered to him, because of the many profits and benefits that he will return to, and among the most important facilities that the Dubai Airport Free Zone provides to its investors are the following:

  • Free transfer of capital and profits
  • Dedicated logistics center
  • Extensive charging facilities
  • There is no corporate tax
  • High-quality infrastructure at the highest level for companies
  • No tax on personal and corporate income
  • 100% foreign ownership of the company
  • Excellent location next to Dubai International Airport
  • Companies can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Government facilities such as customs and immigration
  • Easy access to more than 220 countries

Steps to establish a company incorporation in the free zones at Dubai Airport

Whoever wants to invest in Dubai must take some necessary measures to conduct his commercial activity and establish his company, and these procedures are represented in several matters.

  • Determine the type of activity that the company will carry out, whether it is commercial, industrial, tourism or recreational activity
  • Preparing papers, papers and documents related to the company and having them approved by the competent and concerned authorities
  • Reserve and choose a commercial name for the company, and some conditions should be taken into account in choosing the name, such as not containing offensive words or violating public decency, The name does not include the word “His Majesty” or the names of trademarks or names of logos, Most importantly, the name should not have been previously reserved for another project
  • Obtaining the initial approval from the relevant government agencies
  • Choosing a site for the company and documenting a lease contract for the company’s headquarters
  • Completion of issuing licenses for the company

With this, we have clarified the importance of investing in the Dubai Airport Free Zone, the benefits of investing in it, the requirements for obtaining licenses, and the types of licenses granted from the B Airport Zone.


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