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Investing in readymade garments in Dubai

Investing in readymade garments in Dubai

Investing in ready-made garments in Dubai is one of the most successful investment projects. Where the clothing trade occupies a first place among all types of trade in the world, Because we are in the era of fashion and creativity, that is why we find that everything that is beautiful and attractive is what people are looking for. especially women, Dubai provides all the appropriate facilities to attract Arab and foreign investors.

What drives the investor towards investing in the field of ready-made garments?

All investors are looking for profitable projects. which achieves the greatest financial return and the lowest percentage of losses, The ready-made garment project guarantees the investor this type of trade. It is characterized by the following:

  1. No one can do without buying clothes of all kinds.
  2. Women’s interest in buying clothes on a large scale, It makes her business very profitable.
  3. On the occasion of holidays and events, clothes are sold at prices that may be double or double their value.
  4. The ready-made garment project does not require huge capital. Only the expenses of the goods and the rent of the shop, So are workers’ wages.
  5. Having an investment project in a place like Dubai, It makes it a very profitable project.

Ready-to-wear project in Dubai

You can create your own clothing project in Dubai, Establishing a profitable and simple investment that does not depend on huge capital through a feasibility study for the project as follows:

Choose the appropriate location for the project

If you want to set up a ready-made clothing project, you must choose a place that is lively and frequented by customers. This will be in the main streets so that no other clothing store will be near you. The store area should be large so that you can display the largest amount of clothes.

Knowledge of the requirements for establishing a clothing project

You have to know very well what are the requirements for establishing a clothing store and prepare your capabilities for that, Where the project needs a large place, The place is divided into many shelves. The storefront must be glass. The shop must have separate rooms for measuring clothes. Distinctive decor for the store with strong lighting to highlight the products.

Labor required for a clothing store project in Dubai

You have to provide labor in the clothing store, provided that this labor enjoys confidence, honesty, and complete cleanliness. As employment is the most important thing that attracts customers to the place, And make sure that the employment is not less than two workers or more. until you find someone to do the sales process, Another person records the invoices and completes the purchase process. A worker in charge of cleaning the shop. Provided that every worker enjoys courtesy and good reception of customers.

Study project costs

You should study the costs of the project before embarking on anything. Since the costs of the project determine all the tasks that you will perform next, It may cost about 70 to 80 thousand UAE dirhams to establish a clothing store project suitable for the UAE market.

Get ready-made clothes

Finding suppliers for ready-made garments has become very easy. Since there are many ready-made garment factories available on the Internet, Where China, Turkey and other countries provide a lot of suppliers with reasonable prices and high product quality, It is preferable to look for a supplier of ready-made clothes near you so as not to incur exorbitant shipping costs. Among the places available in Dubai:

  1. Naif market.
  2. Souk Okaz in Dubai for clothes.
  3. Murshid Market in Dubai.
  4. Deira Covered Market.

Investing in ready-made garments is one of the best types of investments, especially in Dubai. Where Dubai provides all the facilities with the quality of choosing the place, Where the residents of Dubai are considered the most people who love clothes and desire to own the best brands.


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