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Investing in Dubai Media City

Investing in Dubai Media City

There is no doubt that the media has become one of the largest investments in the world and one of the main pillars on which governments depend in their economy. Therefore, the government of the Emirate of Dubai did not hesitate to exploit its land and establish a complete media city to attract the attention of investors from all over the world. Companies in Dubai Media City also operate collectively including media and marketing services, printing, music and publishing, film and new media, entertainment and entertainment, broadcast and media agencies, Dubai Media City also provides a supportive platform for media-oriented companies to showcase their products and services. Since its launch in 2000, it has established more than 1,400 companies in Dubai.

Advantages of Dubai Media Zone

As one of the most important free zones established by the UAE government in the Emirate of Dubai, this region did not attract investment out of thin air. Free Zone in Dubai, and this strategy is represented in the facilities and advantages offered by these areas to investors, represented in:

  • A unique environment Dubai Media City provides a unique collective environment in which the workplace is allocated to companies that fall under a specific industrial value chain so that they can interact and collaborate effectively to achieve a common business goal.
  • A world-class infrastructure, as Dubai Media City provides a network of roads and transportation at the highest level, and it also provides an integrated technology environment, as it is equipped with the latest technologies. digital audio services, and community infrastructure at competitive prices to promote the growth of the group
  • The process of establishing companies is simple and uncomplicated at all, unlike in other regions that complicate their investors with tedious routine procedures
  • Simplified laws are enacted to facilitate the investment process
  • Practically establishing a one-stop shop for all types of government services in order to facilitate investors
  • Abolition of personal income tax and corporate tax, which is one of the biggest obstacles for investors in many regions and countries around the world
  • No restrictions on hiring foreign employees
  • 100% foreign property freedom is given without the need for a local partner
  • Exempted from customs duties, whether for importing or exporting goods, in a very important step to attract investments, as it is known that customs duties limit the process of benefiting from the maximum return for the investor

Types of licenses provided by Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City offers several options for conducting allied licenses, which help attract the largest number of investors to it. These licenses are:

  • Business Information Services License.
  • Media marketing services license.
  • New Media Support Services Licensing.
  • Consulting and retail licensing.
  • Recreational events licence.
  • Company incorporation procedures

Steps to establish a company incorporation in the free zones at Dubai Airport

Whoever wants to invest in Dubai must take some necessary measures to conduct his commercial activity and establish his company, and these procedures are represented in several matters.

  • Determine the type of activity that the company will carry out, whether it is commercial, industrial, tourism or recreational activity
  • Preparing papers, papers and documents related to the company and having them approved by the competent and concerned authorities
  • Reserve and choose a commercial name for the company, and some conditions should be taken into account in choosing the name, such as not containing offensive words or violating public decency, The name does not include the word “His Majesty” or the names of trademarks or names of logos, Most importantly, the name should not have been previously reserved for another project
  • Obtaining the initial approval from the relevant government agencies
  • Choosing a site for the company and documenting a lease contract for the company’s headquarters
  • Completion of issuing licenses for the company

The most important reasons to invest in Dubai

Not only because Dubai represents one of the largest cities that enjoys great fame at the global level and tourism and has become one of the tourist and economic destinations on a global level, but there are many reasons that make it the first choice for many investors around the world, and one of the most important of these reasons

  • Ease of procedures, as Dubai was classified, according to a study by the World Bank, as one of the fastest countries in clearing papers and documents
  • A very strong infrastructure in terms of roads and transportation, as it is considered one of the best cities that have the best road network in the world, and its infrastructure depends on the latest types of technology.
  • Tax exemption, which is one of the strongest advantages that Dubai and free zones grant to its investors, and it is a great opportunity for investors, as they achieve the highest material return from it, as Dubai does not impose any tax on the owners of companies and businessmen on the establishment of their companies and for a period of up to five years.

With this, we have clarified some important points for investing in Dubai in general and in Dubai Media City in particular, and ways to take advantage of the advantages it offers.


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