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Investing in Dubai for Saudis

Investing in Dubai for Saudis

Investing in Dubai for Saudis

Investing in Dubai for Saudis Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that most seeks to invest in Dubai in all forms and ways. This is due to the consolidation of strategic and economic relations and the exchange of experiences between the two countries, as well as the efforts of the UAE to provide a set of facilities and exemptions from some complex procedures that may hinder the investor and impede the progress of his business, especially for residents of the Gulf countries in general and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, as these facilities would enhance Trade exchange relations between the two countries, which benefits both parties.

As a result of those exemptions and facilities offered by Dubai to the Saudis, many Saudi and Gulf investors have invested large sums of money in Dubai, where they have all the conditions and conditions that help them to achieve and make profits.


Investing in Dubai for Saudis


Investment facilities in Dubai for Saudis

As part of the UAE’s efforts to attract more investors, It provides many facilities and privileges to motivate them to invest. These facilities are as follows:

– Investors coming from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia obtain reductions in the rent rate for land in Dubai, amounting to more than 15%, while providing management outlets for their business in order to facilitate the conduct of their business in the UAE and increase the volume of its investments in Dubai as a result.

– Establishing a joint airline line between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the aim of facilitating air transport between the two countries.

Harnessing Abu Dhabi Ports for Saudi investors while giving them discounts in order to facilitate the maritime transport process.

Exempting Saudi investors from fees related to chambers of commerce.

– Giving Saudis greater opportunities to buy plots of land in Dubai and pay for them over a long period of time.

Exempting Saudi investors from all customs measures.


The importance of Saudi investment in the UAE

The Saudi investment in the United Arab Emirates brings great benefits to both parties. The most important of them:

– Enhancing economic exchange between the two countries, which leads to closer relations between the two countries.

Concluding more agreements that provide opportunities for opening new economic markets, which in turn contributes to providing job opportunities that benefit both countries.

– Exchange of experiences and training programs between both countries, which leads to an increase in the volume of investment in Dubai, It contributes to the establishment of many training courses on both sides.

– Increasing the profits of the two countries from joint investment and enhancing economic exchange between the two countries.


The volume of Saudi investment in the United Arab Emirates

The Saudi ambassador to the UAE, Turki Al-Dakhil, revealed during a recent lecture about the volume of investments. According to the Saudi ambassador to the UAE, Turki Al-Dakhil, it was found that the volume of Saudi investments in the UAE exceeded 35 billion dirhams, and the number of Emirati projects in Saudi Arabia reached about 114 projects, compared to 206 projects. Saudi Arabia in the UAE. There are also about 23,000 Saudi companies and 66 commercial agencies operating in the UAE, which came as a result of the Saudi-Emirati relations that were built on common social and political foundations, as evidenced by the direct understandings that marked the relationship of the two brotherly countries, from the early years of the founding of the Union State until the establishment of the UAE. United Arab.

If you are a Saudi investor wishing to invest in the United Arab Emirates and want to start your investment project, contact us to put you on the right path.


تأسيس شركة في دبي للسعوديين

The UAE Minister of Economy discovered that the sessions related to air transport limited to a well-known scope, which is the framework of the Retreat of Resolve, which was held in Dubai, resulted in the development of a set of general frameworks that work to achieve cooperation in order to establish a common aviation market between the two countries. This is despite the fact that it has pointed out that Saudi Arabia is the fourth trading partner, but it is the largest partner in the Arab world.

He stressed that the process of oil trade witnessed a jump of 30 percent and increased in recent years until it reached 55 billion dirhams in 2011. The UAE has invested in Saudi Arabia with a large amount of 30 billion dirhams, with an average of 9 billion dollars. And it owns more than 32 investment companies in the Emirates that implement the largest projects in the State of Saudi Arabia, On the other hand, the balance of Saudi Arabia’s investment in the UAE reached 16.5 billion in 2015.


الاستثمار في دبي للسعوديين

In the UAE forum held with Saudi Arabia, the UAE was granted many different exemptions and facilities in order to promote investment and industry in the country. Among the most important facilitations that were given is working to cancel the conditions related to the offer contract and exemption from subscription fees for Saudi investors. And this is despite the fact that it provided more than a thousand square meters to them in order to carry out the Saudi investment business and give them a three-year grace period for these lands that may belong to the Higher Organization for the regions in which the Saudi investors are located. This is what spread during the previous period in order to improve the process of industrial and commercial investment in the Arab world.


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