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Invest in Dubai platform

Invest in Dubai platform

The Invest in Dubai platform is one of the best global initiatives taken by the Dubai government in the digital transformation of investors. The platform provides endless opportunities for investors, in addition to, Facilitate all procedures and allow them to get an opportunity to invest more easily and easily than before, So let’s get to know more about the invest platform and its role in opening new horizons for investment.

About Invest platform

It is a digital platform that was launched in 2021. With the aim of facilitating obtaining a commercial license in Dubai, electronically, smoothly and within minutes, The platform attracts investors around the world and facilitates all legal procedures to obtain a commercial license immediately. The platform won the title of the best digital platform in the world. by World Economic magazine.

Why invest in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important countries that is an investment destination for all the world. This is because its government is always keen to make Dubai one of the best cities that facilitate the investment process. Dubai has several advantages that made it at the forefront of smart cities that attract all kinds of economic fields.

In order to provide all the means through which the procedures and steps are facilitated to start any investment project, Not to mention that it has an ideal infrastructure for all types of investment.

In addition to the digital conversion of more than one field, And its intention to pay salaries in digital currencies in the near future, There are many, many advantages of Dubai, making it the city of dreams for anyone who wants to achieve the dream of success.

Invest in Dubai platform is the perfect choice for investors

The Director General of Dubai Economy confirmed that the Invest in Dubai platform is the ideal choice for investors around the world in general, and in the Middle East region in particular. This is because it is a platform that constitutes the joint efforts of more than 20 government agencies in Dubai.

I worked to provide all the consequences that could meet any investor in the future, It also wants to be a future platform that fulfills the purpose of the future in terms of changes, and its benefit is not focused on today’s procedures and obstacles only. The Invest in Dubai platform is easily the beginning of the digital transformation of Dubai ‘s economy.

What are the services provided by the Invest in Dubai platform?

The platform offers several services to all entrepreneurs, To make the establishment of their investment project simpler and easier, The services provided by the platform are:

  • Commercial licensing service.
  • Obtaining all approvals from the competent authorities.
  • Know the procedures for establishing companies in Dubai.
  • Options and investment opportunities in Dubai free zones.
  • The vital economic sector in Dubai.
  • Sectoral investment options in Dubai.
  • Documentation of lease contracts.
  • Documentation of articles of incorporation.
  • Issuance of operating licenses.
  • Membership in the Dubai Chamber.

How can I register on the Invest in Dubai platform?

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