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Innovative business strategies in Dubai

Innovative business strategies in Dubai

Innovative business strategies in Dubai

We review the strategies that are still limited and dedicated to innovation in SMEs in the UAE. It also analyzes the innovation model for small and medium enterprises in the UAE, with a particular focus on the UAE. It also analyzes the innovation model for SMEs in the UAE with a special focus on SMEs in Dubai. The article highlights the need to foster an entrepreneurial culture and promote the development of innovative, high value-added SMEs in the UAE. The overall purpose of this article is to contribute to the identification of business and innovation strategies for SMEs in the context of an emerging economy, i.e. the UAE. This article focuses on innovation as the main driver of competitiveness and market success for SMEs in the UAE.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are private sectors that can be considered as vital entities that act as the backbone of Asian economies and especially in the UAE. Small and medium enterprises undoubtedly contribute to the economic development of the country. The achievements of small and medium enterprises also indicate the effectiveness of government policy in nurturing an entrepreneurial culture in the UAE economy. The UAE government is introducing several initiatives to promote the development of small and medium enterprises and innovative businesses in the UAE, thus, It is expected to continue and enhance its important role in advancing the UAE in the plan to build a developed and comprehensive country. As that Itqan Dubai It provides the best possible services to business founders and companies in the United Arab Emirates as the best business establishment company in Dubai, especially in the free zone. The company provides investors with licenses for business services by relying on an integrated and qualified team of professionals in establishing companies in accordance with Dubai Free Zones Law.

5 steps to develop your innovation strategy, You can apply it to your business in Dubai:

Defining goals and strategic approach to innovation

The first step in the strategy selection sequence is to define your winning ambition. In other words, Your innovation goals and the reasoning behind your innovation strategy. Your approach to innovation is likely to be something different so there are two different approaches to innovation strategy: Business model innovation and leveraging existing business models.

  1. Know your market: customers and competitors

The second step in the strategy selection sequence is to select the appropriate field of play. As in the market in which you operate and the customer segment for which you provide value. Although it is important to define your playing field, Your unique value proposition is what will make or break your innovation strategy.

Define your value proposition

next step, And perhaps the most important step, It defines this unique value proposition. How will you win? What type of innovation allows the company to capture that value and gain a competitive advantage? To create a unique value proposition, The ability to identify and exploit new, uncontested markets is recommended. This can be done through value innovation.

Assess and develop your core capabilities

The first three steps in the strategy selection sequence stem from one thing; Your core abilities required to win.

When assessing the set of capabilities you need, Consider the following:

the culture

research and development





Create your own innovation technologies and system

Last but not least, To be able to implement your innovation strategy in a scalable and integrated manner, You have to know which systems need to be in place.

This includes the following items:

The role of research and development in the company, Especially in terms of technology

Education and training part related to innovations

The agglomeration structure of the industry

Production, marketing and financing systems


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