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Influencers license in the UAE

Influencers license in the UAE

After the entire world has moved to the digital life that we live now, With our smartphones, we can create and publish content anytime, anywhere, and document events as they happen. Accordingly, a group of people who are now known as influencers or influencers on social media in the Emirates have the opportunity to have a large number of followers who help them spread their ideas and creativity and market them easily on the Internet. Accordingly, and as usual, the government of the United Arab Emirates accompanies this phenomenon, and therefore the National Media Council issued a license for influencers in the new emirates. A new media marketing law was issued.

Media Marketing Law

The decision stipulates that all social media influencers in the UAE who get paid for their posts must obtain an influencer license in the UAE. Upon obtaining the license, they can continue working on their own blogs. This decision also includes the owners of well-known blogs on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The influencer licensing law in the Emirates includes Emiratis and non-Emirati residents alike. You must obtain this license if you are a paid influencer for posting sponsored content or promoting paid products on social media. Excluded from this decision are influencers who receive free gifts, services and products from brands in exchange for simple coverage of their products or services. You can use Itqan Dubai to take care of clearing all your business with an integrated team qualified to work on business consulting.

Fundamentals of UAE Media Law

If you are a social media content creator, and plans to pursue it as a career and profession, You should get full information about the laws governing the media in the UAE (including social media) and the GCC countries. for example, It is illegal to take a picture of someone without their consent. Making defamatory statements against another person, their family and/or company could get you in some serious trouble with the law. It is illegal to divulge another person’s secrets or divulge information without the consent of the source. Content that would be considered acceptable abroad may not be legal here in the UAE, Because of the country’s cultural sensitivities. The UAE Cybercrime Law considers any actions contrary to public morals and good conduct a crime. It should also be noted that alcohol advertising is prohibited in the UAE.

How much does it cost to issue an influencers license in the UAE?

All social influencers must have a business license from Dubai Creative Clusters Authority or twofour54 Abu Dhabi, to authorize them to promote or advertise via Facebook, Instagram, and others. This license costs AED 15,000 and is valid for one year. An influencer who does not hold a license and publishes content, advertises or promotes something will be fined an additional fine of AED 5,000.

How can I obtain this license?

The UAE government provides you with two ways to obtain this license:

First method: You can get it in your personal capacity or sign a contract with any of the influencer agencies licensed by the National Media Council. It is worth noting that to obtain a personal influencer license in the UAE, A trade license must be obtained first, and the total cost of the two licenses together is AED 30,000 annually.

The second method: It is possible to apply for an influencers license online by visiting the website of the National Media Council, and thus the influencer agencies licensed by the National Media Council shall bear all the expenses required for the licenses.


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