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How to start a cleaning company in Dubai

How to start a cleaning company in Dubai

If you are thinking of launching a business in the UAE, You can set up a cleaning company in Dubai. As the demand for it is on the rise. Usually, launching a cleaning company in Dubai costs less than other companies, and even the procedures necessary to establish a cleaning company in Dubai are not complicated, in addition to the period of obtaining a license, as it is short compared to other commercial licenses. Establishing a cleaning services company in Dubai requires only cleaning materials, chemicals, and equipment. And the skills to clean the household. and does not require any form of formal training, or certificates or something else.

Types of cleaning services in Dubai

Residential cleaning services

You can provide cleaning services for residential homes, apartments and villas. Cleaning activities include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and stores. and other home spaces. Civil cleaning services is the most suitable option for small and medium companies and startups in general.

Commercial cleaning services

If your company will provide cleaning services to places such as offices, hospitals, retail stores, etc. These spaces will require heavy cleaning equipment because they are larger than residential spaces.

Industrial cleaning services

After obtaining an industrial license for your cleaning services company, you will clean industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, waste cleaning and other industry-related work.

How to open a cleaning company in Dubai?

Send copies of passports and visas

To start your own cleaning services company in Dubai, You need to submit copies of your and your partners’ passports as well as copies of visas.

Choose the company form

You can determine the legal form of your company in the first year of its establishment, Either you choose a sole proprietorship, which is a civil company, or a multi-partner company.

Obtaining trade name approval

According to the UAE government, Which is obliged to submit three options or suggestions for the trade name. Avoid using acronyms, controversial words, religious, insulting or racist language. And others in the trade name in order to complete the procedures without hassle and wasting time.

Doing market research

You can search on various sites and then select the services that you would like to provide. Then target customers according to your company’s services. You can provide special and personalized services to different gatherings all over Dubai. It is preferable to create a good work team to search for these opportunities.

Rent the right place for the company

Locate your cleaning services company. Preferably close to corporate and office buildings. These places always need frequent cleaning services. The United Arab Emirates offers vast and different areas for establishing a cleaning company in Dubai. Such as mainland and free zone.

Obtaining the license

You need to obtain all necessary approvals from Dubai Municipality and the Department of Economic Development. obtaining the relevant legal approvals, Pay the required fees and obtain your trade license.

What is the cost of a cleaning company in Dubai?

The cost of a cleaning license depends on the size of the company and the type of license you are applying for. The costs are usually low. The approximate cost of establishing a cleaning company in Dubai is about 10,000 AED _ 20,000 AED.

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