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How to set up an interior design company in Dubai

How to set up an interior design company in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is a good decision. Especially with the development of technology, which greatly contributed to the prosperity of several sectors, the most important of which is the field of interior design for real estate of all kinds. as a result , Dubai is home to the most successful companies in the world! Dubai has one of the most iconic buildings of all time and it is the Burj Khalifa which signifies amazing art and design due to the improved standard of living and increased income in the UAE. It is no wonder that the interior design business in Dubai is accelerating its pace tremendously. With the development booming in the UAE, the interior design market is likely to skyrocket. So if you want to start an interior design company in Dubai, It is time! The process for obtaining an interior design business license is simple.

What are the benefits of establishing an interior design company in Dubai?

Here are some of the advantages of establishing an interior design company in Dubai:

An enabling market and environment for designers and architects interested in establishing a business in Dubai.
The requirements for industrial and residential interior design and appropriate services are higher than ever.
An open economy for easy expansion and collaboration to help businesses grow.
Infrastructure that helps work.
Brands that rank highly in the world and have a lot of experience will help you.
Designers have their own licenses.
An excellent market for hiring top notch and experienced professionals to become part of their company.
Almost negligible taxes.
Dubai is on its way to becoming the digital hub of the world. Organizations can take advantage of this to make huge profits.
Get a visa easily.

How do you get an interior design work permit?

There are two commercial spaces in the United Arab Emirates to establish an interior design company in Dubai and they are Dubai Design Free Zone or Mainland Dubai. The process of applying for a license and approval depends on where you want to set up an interior design company in Dubai.

free zone

It was established mainly to encourage investors and designers to launch and grow their companies in Dubai. There are a large number of perks and incentives for creative minds in the field of interior design. Dubai is also home to many of the most well-known companies in the market. It provides the ideal environment for the development of your business through cooperation with leading companies in interior design.

The following are the procedures for obtaining an interior design license in Dubai Free Zone:

You must obtain initial approval. This includes submitting documents such as a business plan, passport copies for partners, a copy of the trade license, a copy of the certificate of incorporation, and others. After reviewing the legal documents, The competent authority issues a confirmation letter for renting office space in the area. This step requires submitting some documents such as company application registration form, and RIC model, And a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation. Then , The next step involves signing and sponsoring the lease and receiving the license. Finally, you must receive the confirmation letter and pay the license fee.

Mainland Dubai

Anyone with prior experience or certification in the field can, To launch an interior design company in mainland Dubai. You can apply to the Department of Economic Development to obtain a license to launch your company in Dubai. It will give your company more room to grow. In addition, you will become eligible to apply for government projects.

The following are the procedures for obtaining an interior design license in Dubai on the mainland:

first, You will have to appoint a local service agent. You will have to apply for a professional license from the Department of Economic Development. Then you will have to get approval from Dubai Municipality. After approval , You will have to reserve a trade name and then choose an office and get a lease. finally , Submit your company details and get your license after final approval.

What is the cost of an interior design license?

The average interior design license cost is set at around AED 15,000. However , The final license cost may vary if you need some additional certifications.

Get your interior design license with Itqan:

Interior design is a thriving field that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Although the process of applying for a license is simple and easy, Except that you should not take any risks. A simple mistake in documents or information can negatively affect your business plans. So it is better to consult experts and let them help you in obtaining the license. You only have to contact us now!

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