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How to open a commercial register in Dubai

How to open a commercial register in Dubai

How to open a commercial register in Dubai

The method of opening a commercial register in Dubai through the official website of the Dubai Economy is a process with simple steps and does not take much time to submit documents or extract the commercial register.
The commercial register is a legal document that is necessary to complete the procedures for establishing companies and investment businesses in Dubai, expansion and growth, and many advantages that the owner of the register obtains.
Here is how to open a commercial registry in Dubai and the conditions that must be observed to open a commercial registry in Dubai smoothly within the regulations and laws. We also shed light on the advantages that investors gain from investing in Dubai.

How to open a commercial register in Dubai

How to open a commercial register in Dubai
Opening a commercial registry in Dubai preceded by a set of legal steps and submitting specific documents to obtain the commercial registration through the Dubai Economy platform without the need for the company owner to visit Dubai. Through the following steps:

  • Search for the official website of Dubai Economy and enter the site to apply for the commercial registration.
  • In the event that you were previously registered on the site, Just enter your email and password. In the event that you are a first-time user, create a new account on the site.
  • Choose to enter the service of opening a commercial registration in Dubai to fill in the company’s data and submit the required documents.
  • You will need to enter the details of the company’s work location to obtain a commercial registration.
  • Ensuring that all parties contributing to the company are registered on the Dubai Economy website and adding data.
  • Enter the main activity in addition to the secondary activity of the company.
  • Include the type of commercial license to be issued to complete the method of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  • Include the details of the license parties and their contact information on the website.
  • Adding the final beneficiary data to extract the commercial register.
  • After ensuring that the concerned parties of the company have signed all the required documents, they are sent.
  • Pay the required value for the costs of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  • After completing all the steps, you will have completed the method of opening a commercial registration in Dubai, and you can receive the registration.

How to obtain your commercial registration in Dubai?
The method of opening a commercial registry in Dubai requires adherence to some of the conditions set by the authorities to establish a business in a legal and sound manner, In the following points, we discuss the conditions for obtaining a commercial registration:

  • Determine the type of activity in which your company will operate (commercial, industrial, service or tourism).
  • Determine the trade name that meets the conditions and laws in Dubai and that is appropriate to the type of activity, then register it with the competent authority.
  • Completing the previous steps for the initial approval from the responsible authorities in Dubai.
  • Renting a place for the establishment of the company that is suitable for the requirements of the activity, provided that it is not less than 200 feet and the availability of a contract notarized and certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • It is not allowed to own more than one license, and the licenses must be submitted to the responsible authority in Dubai.
  • Obtaining additional approvals from the authorities concerned with the nature of the activity in Dubai.
  • Pay the costs required to open a commercial registry in Dubai using the available payment methods.

Gains of establishing companies in Dubai
Many investment gains accrue to investors in Dubai thanks to the efforts of the state to provide various services and facilities that help in establishing businesses and companies with flexibility, which was reflected in the investors with huge gains as follows:

  • Flexibility in obtaining legal documents and licenses such as a trade license and the ease of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  • Providing business incubators and holding training courses to train young investors and emerging business owners, and contacting experts to learn from them.
  • Diverse free zones that provide many gains through customs and tax exemptions, the right to own full profits, and individual ownership of the company.
  • The transportation network, advanced roads, international airports, and infrastructure that is constantly being developed with world-class facilities, which is suitable for companies operating in the city.
  • The various manifestations of stability witnessed by the country on the economic, political, tourism and cultural development levels, which encourage investment in it and ensure the success and stability of work.
  • The continuous development on all investment levels over some decades confirms the idea that investment in Dubai has guaranteed profitable returns.
  • Electronic platforms, electronic payment methods, and the terrible technological development that contributes to the ease of applying for services and the ease of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  • Diversifying commercial, industrial, tourism and other investment opportunities and fields, which encourages investors and capital owners to invest in Dubai.
  • The city of Dubai and its surrounding free zones are distinguished, such as: Jebel Ali, Dubai South and other investment environments that provide rapid business growth and expansion.

How can we help in the way of opening a commercial registry in Dubai?
We provide all services for professional investment in Dubai, establishing companies and projects as soon as possible, and you will not need to carry out complex legal procedures yourself and deal with government agencies.
Just contact us on the numbers shown in front of you and leave your inquiry or request, Here are some of the services we provide for investment in Dubai:

  1. Issuing a commercial license, paying its fees as soon as the payment permit is issued, undertaking all legal steps, carrying out transactions with government agencies in Dubai, and assisting in the way of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  2. Assistance in finding a suitable place to work according to the activity and the financial budget, We help prepare the workplace and notarize the lease contract with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  3. Undertaking the task of registering the trade name in the competent authority and obtaining the various required approvals from government agencies, such as: Initial and additional approvals and obtaining associated legal documents.
  4. Thanks to our strong relations with government agencies in Dubai, the task of submitting or obtaining papers and documents is done very smoothly and does not take much time.
  5. Preparing residence visas for investors and employees who will work in Dubai in the fastest time and at the lowest cost.
  6. Directing small investors and owners of emerging companies to compete in the Dubai market to make a mark among the major investment companies and suggest successful opportunities based on our many years of experience.
  7. Constantly providing legal advice and advice at various stages of establishing a business in order to complete the investment in a professional manner without wasting time or money.
  8. Prepare for any risks that may occur and prepare practical solutions through preparing a feasibility study for the market and the external and internal events of the company at the highest level of experience and efficiency.
  9. Various technical support methods available through a team with experience to respond to inquiries and deal with emergencies in the fastest time and give the most accurate information.
  10. We are efficient and knowledgeable in providing unique investment opportunities for various capitals. The budget does not matter. We will find the most suitable requirements for your budget.

We will provide you with more information about how to open a commercial registry in Dubai when you contact us and submit your application, and you will get your advice through the most skilled consultants and service providers in Dubai to establish your business in Dubai or the free zones in the UAE.

Contact us today and get a free consultation to implement all your business plans!

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