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How to obtain a student certificate

How to obtain a student certificate

How to obtain a student certificate is one of the most sought-after questions in the UAE that a large number of people want to know. As it adopts the ministerial curriculum to complete the student’s studies abroad. Therefore, the general secondary certificate must be available and be documented and certified by the accredited authorities before traveling in order for approval and registration to take place in the university that the student desires.

How to obtain a student certificate

When issuing a high school student’s certificate in the Emirates, there are some steps that the student must follow in order for the certificate to be certified and ready.

The purposes of issuing and attesting the public certificate

For official purposes, which is represented in working in the country or abroad, and completing education outside the Emirates. Therefore, all students in transfer classes who wish to complete their studies outside the country must therefore attest the certificate in an accredited manner.

Where is the high school certificate attested?

Many students believe that the steps to attest the general secondary school certificate in the Emirates are through the Ministry of Education only. However, this belief is largely wrong, as the student must go through a number of other government institutions in order for the certificate to be certified, approved, and accepted by any entity required of it.

Are fees paid for attesting the high school certificate?

When attesting the general secondary certificate, a small fee is paid in exchange for obtaining the stamp of the Ministry of Education. Thus, the student has to pay the fees in order for the service to be completed successfully.

Steps to document the general secondary certificate from the Emirates

We will show all the steps for obtaining a certificate that is certified and ready for the student to complete his studies outside the country or apply for a job, which are as follows:

Issuance of the certificate from the school

  • The applicant must attest the certificate and make sure that it is stamped with the school’s seal, then he must go to the school to obtain the original certificate. containing the original service.
  • He must ensure that the school is entitled to all tuition fees imposed on the student.

Attestation of the general secondary certificate from the Ministry of Education in the Emirates

The student must take the certificate of the Ministry of Education and must prove his identity in order to complete the rest of the procedures and the certification procedures begin after submitting the application form.

  • First, the person brings a copy of the passport of the holder of the certificate.
  • Fill out a request from the Ministry of Education to attest the certificate.
  • Study the certificate from the department concerned with the Department of Calendar and Examinations.
  • Issuance of certification and notification of the applicant for the expiry of the application
  • Then the person is brought to receive the pre-certificate according to the place of delivery. The period is from three to five days

High school certificate attestation fees

Fees are paid when distributing the UAE General Secondary School Certificate and a sum of 15 AED.

Attestation of the high school certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The documents required for certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are a true copy of the general secondary certificate and some official documents. A financial stamp fee of 160 UAE dirhams is paid, after which the certificate is received from three to seven days.

Certification of the certificate from the embassy or consulate

The student must attest the certificate from the consulate or embassy to which he belongs, which includes the university to which he will apply and register. As these fees vary from one university to another for the duration of the work period and according to each embassy with the provision of all required papers and documents correctly.

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