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How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai

How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai

An Easy Way How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai

As a whole, the UAE is thriving at a swift pace within the business zone. Trades are spreading out that an industrial license in Dubai is required when starting specific commerce. Today, the license constraint covers making products, export and import, housemaid, and freelance work, among many others. In line with this, Dubai has led the way in forming free zones towards speeding up progress on trade and industry in the land.  

Under the prescient guidance of Dubai’s Ruler, it has broadened the economy’s vista through profuse fiscal reforms. And these are shadowed by getting ready the groundwork needed for starting business centers. As a result, Dubai expands rapidly in trade and finance because of its princely rules on foreign players’ ventures.

About Industrial License in Dubai

This license is given to firms or persons with a business that converts natural or raw resources into new goods or slightly processed products. And these new or slightly processed products must have further use for other trades doing other business operations. The product change is assessed founded on its shifts in structure, look, and make-up, besides the goods’ prospect of being used again after its initial handling. 

With this license at hand, a person or business duly listed in the UAE can perform trade pursuits in making and changing products, besides other allied business actions. This constraint is stated in the UAE Industries Development and Regulations Act 1951. What’s more, government groups control Dubai’s trading system to streamline the business course of action and arrange and maintain an open trade setting.

Main License Groups

The UAE rules require four binding permits for all firms or persons planning to do business or trade set-ups. These are:

National and Local Industrial License

Professional License

Services License

Trade or Commercial License


Getting an Industrial License in Dubai

No person or company can operate manufacturing, processing, and assembly concerns without complying with the industrial license in Dubai requirement. The Dubai Department of Economic Development issues these permits after careful attention to the licensing request. Furthermore, you have to register the company with Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and get support from the DM or Dubai Municipality.

Suppose your business belongs to a specialty trade. In that case, you may need to obtain even more supports and permits from some other distinct offices and groups as stated by the UAE laws. For instance, firms making drugs are obliged to obtain a license from the UAE Ministry of Health and DHA or Dubai Health Authority before launching ventures.

Financial Grants for Applicants of Industrial License in Dubai

Subject to the precise economic worth, besides growth, of the product made by the business for UAE, as a whole, DED supports industrial license requests by giving working, customs, and tax benefits. Only those meeting the listed criteria can avail of this grant.

The firm makes goods for UAE’s use with the prospect to export, besides vying with the goods produced by foreign countries;

Company set up is in the zones earmarked for industrial expansion by the government; and

The business uses local raw supplies for manufacturing.

Requirements for Obtaining an Industrial License in Dubai

Fulfilling the following requirements will qualify a person or firm to apply for an industrial license in Dubai. 

  1. Physical presence, office, and warehouse;
  2. Trade and local licenses;
  3. Paid-up capital of AED 250,000 for Dubai mainland;
  4. Have a minimum of 10 workers; and,
  5. Subject to the exact business nature, you may have to present a local sponsor for a business set-up in Dubai’s mainland. The local sponsor must own 51% of its shares but without the right to participate in the firm’s decision-making. For businesses in free zones, you can have 100% ownership.

Necessary Papers for Getting an Industrial License in Dubai

To apply for an Industrial License, the person or company must submit the following documents:

  1. The approved land lease contract for the worksite, subject to availability;
  2. Blueprint of the plant or factory plans; 
  3. Company registration, if not the company’s founding agreement;
  4. Copy of the shareholder’s passport and the local sponsor’s national identity;
  5. Factory’s business model;
  6. Feasibility study showing the reason, besides purpose, of launching a plant;
  7. Land location plan where the company is planning to be launch operations;
  8. Memorandum of Association of the shareholders and local sponsor;
  9. Production cost data, including capital production equipment; and,
  10. Proof of financing support or documents backing the ways wherein finance for business operation exists funded.

Required Approvals after Getting an Industrial License in Dubai

Before business operations can commence, the person or company with an industrial license must get approval from:  

  1. Dubai Civil Defense, for some unique instances,
  2. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority for water, electricity, as well as other utilities, aside from getting a permit,
  3. Dubai Health Ministry, for covered manufacturing industries, with a license, as well,
  4. Dubai Municipality Planning Department, 
  5. Economy and Commerce Ministry,
  6. Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental, besides a permit, and 
  7. UAE Ministry of Interior.

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