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How to establish a successful company in Dubai

How to establish a successful company in Dubai

How to establish a successful company in Dubai

How to establish a successful company in Dubai, This is what a lot of people are looking for lately. The city of Dubai is one of the most important centers for attracting investors from all over the world to invest in it.

The chance of success for investment projects there is very high. This is due to the standard specifications that business centers in Dubai enjoy. In addition to having an unparalleled infrastructure, In addition to the availability of many facilities that make investment there a goal sought by many businessmen, Perhaps you would like to know how to create a successful company there, Follow us to tell you more information so that you can achieve your goal:


How to establish a successful company in Dubai


How to establish a successful company in Dubai

Many people wonder how to set up a successful company in Dubai. Perhaps you are one of them. If you have really decided to establish a successful company there, You should know that this matter requires obtaining a series of approvals and procedures to officially register the company. And the first steps that you can take for this is to determine the type of activity or investment that you want to practice. Accordingly, the legal forms of your project are determined. And also the people and entities with which your activity is linked, And then obtaining a business license, It takes a period to be determined based on the type of project. its legal form, As there are some types of investment that require obtaining the approval of multiple federal or government agencies, But the Dubai government encourages investors to invest there to the fullest degree. So I provided them with a lot of facilities to establish projects, In recent years, Dubai has been able to achieve impressive success. In where it has become a destination for start-ups and entrepreneurs all over the world, It has been able to transform modern ideas into giant entities and institutions.


Successful project in Dubai

The Executive Director of Dubai Outsourcing City and Dubai Internet City says that the development and prosperity observed in the establishment of investment projects in Dubai has made young people well aware that obtaining money is not limited to jobs. But entrepreneurship enables you to have unlimited money, He said that Emirati initiatives such as the initiative of one million Arab programmers, Among the most important factors that contributed to this, He added that Dubai Internet City always strives to provide a good technological environment in which businessmen work to exchange ideas in the technological field. It also provides training opportunities and administrative support to entrepreneurs.


Costs of setting up a company in Dubai

Of course, you would like to know the costs required to establish a company or investment project in Dubai. Therefore, we will present the most important aspects that the project requires, so continue to get acquainted with them:

  • The cost of the location of the company or office through which you will conduct your activity, This refers to the cost of purchasing or renting an office.
  • The cost of a license to practice the activity or work.
  • The cost of opening a bank account bearing the name of your company and depositing the minimum capital required by your project.
  • The cost of creating the foundation and decoration of the company or office.
  • The cost of visas for employees sponsored under the name of the partner, and the cost of work permits.
  • The costs are also determined according to the type of activity. For example, the cost of industrial companies is relatively higher than the cost of professional and commercial companies.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

The procedures for establishing a company in Dubai can be summarized in a number of points, as follows:

  • Determine the company’s activity.
  • Choosing a citizen partner or service agent.
  • Choosing a trade name and obtaining an initial approval.
  • Documenting the Memorandum of Association or a service agent contract.
  • Documentation of the rental contract.
  • Obtaining approvals and submitting documents to the Department of Economic Development.

In conclusion, we say that Itqan is the best company that can help you and take over the tasks of clearing your project procedures if you have already decided to start implementing your project in Dubai.


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