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How do I sell my company in Dubai?

How do I sell my company in Dubai?

Welcome, dear visitors, to this new article, in which we will address a very important topic, which is: How to display my company for sale in Dubai? Or how do I sell my company in Dubai? Are you planning to sell the company you established in Dubai? Many entrepreneurs like to sell their business to make a good profit in order to reinvest the profits and start a new business in the UAE. Therefore, we provide you with a list of several points that must be reviewed before diving into the journey of searching for investors who are ready to buy your business at a reasonable price.

Important tips before proceeding with the process of selling your company in Dubai:

Company evaluation

You must get a professional assessment of the value of your company. As the business owner, It is assumed that you have a sound estimate to value the assets and shares of your company and its capital as well. However, it It is still recommended to book an appointment with a business consulting company in the United Arab Emirates, where a chartered accountant will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your assets, average monthly and annual profits and losses, and other important details, and with this you will get a professional and accurate assessment of your company. Then , A professional evaluation of your company ensures that you do not overestimate the value of your business on the one hand and on the other hand prevents buyers from underestimating the value of your company.

Selling through the profit statement

Another advice to attract investors more to your project or company is to ensure that the numbers achieved by the company are good compared to the rest of the competitors within the market in which the company is active according to its specialization. Doing business is an attractive opportunity for investors in Dubai but you need to be able to show excellent sales figures to be able to close the deal as soon as possible.

Look for potential buyers

Business advisors in the United Arab Emirates warn against meeting investors who want to acquire your company without researching them first. Of course, this step is very important to avoid swindlers and other problems that you do not need. Make sure first that they have the financial means to pay the asking price as assessed by your company. If they do not meet the requirements, there is no need to waste time with them.

Administrative and legal documents required to sell your company in Dubai:

Once a relationship of trust has been developed between you and the right investor, You can follow a simplified five-step process to complete the sale process at the Department of Economic Development. And that depends on the nationality of the buyer. Is he an Emirati or a foreigner? A set of documents must be submitted at the headquarters of the Department of Economic Development. You can also find a local service agent or authorized law firm to deliver the documents.

These documents include:

The original trade license in Dubai
Passport copies
Identity card or Emirates ID
Visit or residence visa in the case of a foreign buyer.
Trade license and Memorandum of Association in case of selling a company.

Once these documents are submitted, Your request to sell the company is accepted by the Department of Economic Development and the initial approval is issued. Additional approvals are requested as required by the nature of the company’s activity. And the deed of sale is approved by the notary in the courts of the United Arab Emirates. The deed of sale is submitted to the department, And pay the necessary fees and issue a license to the new owner after 15 days.

Do you have more questions about selling companies in Dubai? Our experts at Itqan have all the answers. It is advisable to seek the help of experts who will facilitate these procedures for you and alert you to errors that may negatively affect the sale process. We are an ITQAN company for company formation in Dubai. Itqan company is ready to guide you in every step.
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