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How do I launch my online store on or in Dubai?

How do I launch my online store on or in Dubai?

We renew our welcome to you, our valued visitors, on the Etqan blog. Several commercial electronic platforms have made the shopping process easier than before in the United Arab Emirates. On top of it is the global platform or the Gulf platform. As they provided golden opportunities for new investors to enter the world of Gulf e-commerce from its widest gates. Starting to sell products on the Amazon platform has become easy and simple steps. Of course, the specialization of your online store has a very important role in how difficult it is for you to be accepted. Especially cosmetic products and health products such as oils, as they are very sensitive, so they require more complex steps than other specialties.

Why or platform :

It should be noted that what attracts people most to these global platforms is that they provide many privileges to merchants, And the most important of them:

Having imaginary traffic and completely free of charge. You do not need to advertise on the Amazon platform. Further enhance your product with instant confidence building. In addition to reducing your work team, there is no need to hire a huge workforce, and finally take advantage of the good promotions that are launched periodically throughout the year.

How do I get a license to sell on Amazon in the UAE?

In order to enter the electronic markets in the United Arab Emirates. You need an extended e-commerce license. You can apply for it either on the mainland or in one of the free zones. Foreigners can choose the free zone to launch their projects on e-commerce platforms and benefit from several advantages centered around the 100% comprehensive tax exemption from customs in the United Arab Emirates.

Other documents to obtain a license to sell on the platform:

After obtaining your e-commerce license, You must create a seller account on . The following are the documents and information required in this step:

Your business name, And the geographical address and contact information such as Gmail and phone number in order to confirm the registration process and the possibility of contacting you if necessary. In addition to a valid bank account, proof of paid bills, and proof of identity. And finally, the e-commerce license if you are the owner of the project or the agency if you are the legal representative of one of the branches of a commercial activity.

Other additional documents required to obtain a license to sell on the online platform:

The Noon e-commerce platform is an Arab platform that targets the United Arab Emirates, along with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Egypt. If you own a business in one of these countries and want to access the Noon market, you must have a valid commercial license. First, before opening a store account on the Noon platform in the United Arab Emirates. Here are the documents needed for the success of this step:

Value added tax certificate
Passport or identity card
Residence visa for non-citizens
Your bank account statement for the online store

Make sure that after submitting these documents with the trade license, your store will be launched within a maximum of one week.

Tips for launching your project successfully:

To establish business in the United Arab Emirates, You need to have in-depth knowledge about customs, goods and other administrative matters. At this stage , It is advisable to seek the assistance of experts who will facilitate these procedures for you and alert you to errors that may negatively affect the income of the project. We are an itqan company for setting up companies in Dubai. Itqan company is ready to guide you every step, and assist you in collecting the necessary papers, And get all approvals.
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