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How do I invest in Dubai?

How do I invest in Dubai?

How do I invest in Dubai?

The question of how to invest in Dubai is one of the frequently asked questions. We will answer these questions in detail here.

Dubai is the second largest emirate in the UAE, It has been called the “Pearl of the Gulf” or “The Bride of the Gulf”. Including an indication of the excellence and brilliance that was associated with the emirate.

Dubai is the focus of investment in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the strongest economies in the region and the most attractive place for investments. An important shrine for millions of tourists from different countries of the world. Due to its charming nature and stunning scenery, And a large presence of most international companies in various business sectors, and great facilities for investors, It made it the most prominent destination in the region for investors and businessmen.

We will list the most important reasons why Dubai is at the forefront as a destination for local, Arab and international investment. But before going into more detail about these reasons, We would like to point out that Dubai is one of the most important free zones.

By free zone, we mean: distinct regions of the country, In which goods are handled, shipped, stored, unloaded, imported and exported without customs duties or taxes. It is more comfortable in commercial transactions than other places. These areas are not subject to the labor law in the country, but they are managed by laws specially designed for them. In order to reduce bureaucracy and reduce procedures, stimulating trade, Attracting local and foreign investors, which will reflect positively on the country’s economy and provide job opportunities.


How do I invest in Dubai?


هذه المناطق الحرة لها العديد من الامتيازات مثل:

1- The companies in it are completely exempt from taxes and import duties.

2- The abundance of labor and the lowest costs.

3- Ease of movement between regions by land, sea and air.

4- These areas have a distinguished and strong infrastructure and the availability of services to facilitate the company’s work and accelerate productivity.

5- The ability of the individual to own the company.


There are some requirements for investing in Dubai and establishing a company in the UAE. In general, you need:

1- To obtain the necessary approvals and licenses, Which varies according to the location and area of the company.

2- Choose the location of the company and the number of employees.

3- The cost is determined according to the required project area. And feasibility studies for your project and your goal of establishing the company.


 متطلبات تأسيس شركة في دبي:

As mentioned above, among the general requirements for establishing the company, You need to determine the location, area, and cost calculation for the project, including employee salaries, in addition to the basic steps for project success, such as feasibility studies and marketing studies.

Choose the type of activity required and on the basis of which the type of license required will be determined.

some government approvals needed, You also need to choose the name of the business.


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai can be summed up as follows :

1- The cost of the commercial license “The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone.

2- The financial cost required to purchase the land, the cost of purchasing an office, or the annual rental cost of the office and furnishing.

3- Opening a bank account by depositing the minimum amount required according to the type of activity.

The cost also varies according to the legal form of the company that determines the cost. An example of this case is, The high cost of incorporation for industrial facilities and entities compared to other commercial and professional activities.

The trade license in Dubai is the basis and the most important thing for practicing the activity.


We also review some of the licenses that we in Itqan Company, By extracting it for you according to your need and type of activity:

License types :

1- Commercial Licenses : This is the commercial license for companies that deal in general trade or specialized commercial activity.

2- Industrial licenses : This is the license required to carry out an industrial activity.

3- Occupational licenses: They are necessary for professions, services and craft activities.

4- Tourism licenses : These are for companies working in services related to tourism and the hospitality sector.

We, in Itqan, complete all transactions and complete licenses and procedures on your behalf in all the necessary steps to establish your company and invest in Dubai. and provide all facilities and technical support, And consultations to establish your company in Dubai in the easiest and shortest way, without any effort.

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