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How did the Corona crisis affect investment in Dubai?

How did the Corona crisis affect investment in Dubai?

The impact of the Corona crisis on the state of investment in Dubai, The local market in the United Arab Emirates was directly affected by the repercussions of the emerging Covid virus.
The real estate market in Dubai had a large share in this vulnerability. Therefore, through this article, we will review the most important influences that befell the economic fields in Dubai, and this is after the global crisis.

How did the Corona crisis affect the investment situation in Dubai?
As we mentioned earlier, the real estate market reaped the largest part in the direct impact on the completion of all real estate transactions, Which happened before the new corona virus.
Therefore, the investment crisis in Dubai after Covid is represented in what we will mention now:

1- Low real estate prices

Among the effects on the real estate market in Dubai, It is significantly lower compared to the prices of those properties during the past ten years.

Some also demanded that this crisis be considered individually and that they cannot be linked.

For example, the rented real estate crisis, the tenant has the right, under these circumstances, to demand a reduction in the rent value. And to arrive with the owner about the value of the rent, the deterioration of both parties.

In the case of selling, the lot is funded by completing the deals electronically at the pre-crisis price. This is to avoid the inevitable loss that could occur.

2- The Corona crisis creates a climate for investment that can be exploited to achieve long-term profit gains

This is despite the loss caused by the Corona virus to the local market in Dubai in particular. And in the world in general.

The crisis here has created many opportunities for investors who want to invest in real estate in the long term.

3- The trend towards virtual investment (electronically)

This is by buying real estate at the present time at prices lower than its market price in the past years.

As an economist in Dubai stated, It is better to move towards electronic investment. Being the best at absorbing any economic changes that may occur at a later time.

This is because it does not require capital. Therefore, the rate of loss for this type of trade is small compared to other direct trade. And that these commercial establishments will take time to recover after the end of the Corona virus crisis.

A summary of the aforementioned
If you have additional capital, And your economic situation is fine.
That time is one of the best ideal times for real estate investment.

But you must take into account that it will be a long-term investment, And that you will get its results in the coming years.

There are also a large number of areas in Dubai that you can certainly take advantage of the low prices for real estate there at the present time.
And you start your investment activity in it.

For every economic crisis that passes, It comes with investment grants that will not be repeated after that. But be careful before starting any activity you choose and study the market well. In addition to the changes that may occur in the future.

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