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Here is how to set up a cosmetics company in Dubai

Here is how to set up a cosmetics company in Dubai

Benefits of establishing a cosmetics company in Dubai:

Huge variety of products:

In Dubai, you can enjoy obtaining legal licenses to sell several cosmetic products, directly after launching your new company in Dubai. The various cosmetic products include cream, and lye, and perfumes, and deodorant, and skin products, And hair generation in addition to countless other products.

Low tax rate:

Among the best advantages is the very low tax rates in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, you do not need to pay any taxes on your corporations, The VAT rate is also very nominal 5%, VAT applies only when products are sold within the UAE. Products sold outside the UAE will have 0% VAT.

Lots of shops:

You can easily rent an office in Dubai and start your business. in addition to , The shipping or transportation process is very advanced in Dubai, with high competition in the field of transportation and logistics.

What are the steps to set up a cosmetics business in Dubai?

The steps required to establish a cosmetics company in Dubai are easy and uncomplicated, as they are almost the same as the procedures necessary to establish any business in Dubai, despite some minor differences. Therefore, we show you the necessary procedures in order below:

Registration approval name

Registering a name is the first and mandatory step for opening a cosmetics business in Dubai. Its purpose is to protect your brand while also helping to establish your brand identity. Make sure you follow all the guidelines issued by the UAE government. Do not use derogatory terms or words that hurt religious or sentimental beliefs. Also, the trademark registration process includes a one-time fee for reserving your trade name.

Choosing the appropriate site:

You can start your own cosmetics company in the mainland, and you can also establish your company in one of the free zones in Dubai. Make sure to choose the best site as per your requirements. It is necessary for the place to have a wonderful facade on public places that includes many pedestrians to facilitate the marketing aspect for you later.

Products registration:

You need to register your cosmetic products before starting marketing and selling activities. All you need to do is visit Dubai Municipality to obtain a product registration license for your company, In the event that there are products involved, they are examined through medical laboratories to ensure their validity and impact on the health of your customers in order to avoid collateral damage, God forbid.

Applying for a commercial cosmetics license:

You can apply for a cosmetics license once you have completed all of the above steps. And that by going to the Dubai Economic Department.

Visa management and bank account opening

You can apply for visas for yourself and your family members, as well as for the employees you want to work with as part of a limited number of employees at the start of your company. You can obtain visas easily and in a short time if he presents all the supplies required by the government.

A corporate bank account that plays a pivotal role in managing the company’s cash transactions. Open a bank account in one of the trusted banks, as it will allow you in the future to obtain banking facilities.

How much does it cost to start a cosmetic business in Dubai?

The cost of your cosmetics business in Dubai depends on several factors. You can expect around AED 28,000 as the cost of setting up your cosmetics company in Dubai.

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