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Here is how to set up a car wash company in Dubai

Here is how to set up a car wash company in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a center for global car lovers, as it includes the most luxurious cars in the world. The UAE is characterized by a financially affluent society in addition to the vast desert, which causes car breakdowns and the urgent need to get a car wash as soon as possible. Commercial car wash in Dubai is also one of the most popular areas in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general.
to start your own car wash business, You have to get through a lot of legal paperwork and licensing procedures. While the steps to obtain a car wash license in Dubai are not very complicated, A certain amount of prior knowledge is required.
Therefore, in this article, we show you the necessary procedures for establishing a car wash company in Dubai:

Determine the legal form of your company:

The UAE government allows you to choose from several of the following options: public company, private partnership or sole proprietorship, or a limited liability company.

Register the name of the company with the committee in the Economic Department:

The first administrative task for you is to register your company’s name with the Department of Economic Development. The UAE government established rules for naming companies in Dubai. You should avoid using any abusive words in the company name with necessary exclusive name in order to preserve intellectual property rights.

Choose the right location for your company:

One of the criteria for choosing the geographical location for your project is how easy it is for customers to reach the company, so it is advised to buy or rent a place that has great mobility and popularity to make it easier for you to market and establish yourself in the market quickly and briefly, unlike the rest of the competitors who are located in marginal areas. You can choose between a free zone or mainland zone to launch a car wash company in Dubai. Also, you should choose a place with enough space and make sure that there are hygiene rules before renting the official place for your company.

Obtaining a lease:

Make sure to secure all documents related to the property and the architectural design of the site for future reference. Then, Register it with Ejari to get your lease and Ejari Code as well. Without a lease agreement, you cannot apply for a license.

Submitting an application for initial approval:

Now you have to submit the required documents including trade name registration license, passport copies, photographs, business plan, etc. Once the documents are submitted, a government official will review the documents and if everything is in order, you will get the initial approval with ease.

Visa request :

The visa application process is fairly easy. As you are the holder of a commercial license, You can sponsor employees and provide them with visas as well. The maximum number of visas you can apply for depends on the size and location of the company.

Obtaining the license:

You need to apply for a trade license to conduct any kind of business in Dubai. The Development Department concludes all the legal and administrative papers for your company. Including passport copies, photographs and Emirates ID, action plan, And if the documents meet the required standards, the UAE government will grant you a car wash license in Dubai.

Opening a bank account for your company:

Most banks in the UAE, anywhere within the country, require a minimum acceptance of between AED10,000 and AED150,000. Once your application is approved, your bank account will be opened within 2-4 weeks.

What are the required documents?

Here is the list of all the documents needed to launch your own car wash company in Dubai:
Shareholder passport
Passport size photo
Entry stamp or visa page

What is the cost to start a car rental car wash business in Dubai?

Approximate costs are estimated at around Dh30,000 to Dh50,000. A mainland license for your business is around 15,000 dirhams to 20,000 dirhams. However, while setting up a commercial car wash company in the free zone, you can run up the cost to around AED15,000.

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