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Here are the steps to establish a hotel in Dubai

Here are the steps to establish a hotel in Dubai

Dubai is a hub for all kinds of business activities because it offers a strategic location with excellent infrastructure. And a profitable business environment that attracts many businessmen around the world. The hotel and hospitality sector plays a major role in the city of Dubai as a global tourist pole. Therefore, the time has come to invest in the hotel field and establish your own hotel. That is why we show you in this article how to establish a hotel in Dubai and what are the necessary procedures for that.

What is the nature of your project?

You can establish your project in the hotel sector in Dubai within one of these types:
Luxury resorts
Hotel Appartments
Youth hostels
Guest houses
Holiday homes

Hotels are rated from 1-7 stars. While holiday homes are not rated with a number of stars.

What are the government requirements for launching a hotel in Dubai?

To obtain a hotel license in Dubai, There are some rules set by the UAE Ministry of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. You must abide by the rules mentioned below:

You need a bank guarantee to issue a hotel license in Dubai.
The minimum size of a hotel room must be at least 30 square metres.
Store guest data securely.
The offers and prices you offer must be clearly displayed.
The hotel manager must provide a “Certificate of Good Conduct” from the UAE government.

What is the process to start a hotel business in Dubai?

Although all businesses in Dubai have the same legal and judicial requirements, However, it is different in the hotel business. Generally, You need a tourism license. Mentioned below are the steps needed to set up a hotel in Dubai:

1- Site selection:

You must select a suitable location for your hotel. Be sure to do some research on the tourist spots that are in high demand. You can choose between mainland Dubai or free zones. You can also get in touch with experienced business consultants in Dubai to help you choose the right location for your hotel.

2. Appointment of a manager

to set up a hotel in Dubai, You need to appoint a manager. The manager must have relevant qualifications and approved certificates. Only then can you appoint the candidate as the manager of your hotel. So, Make sure to hire a suitable manager with a seasoned practical background to take care and maintain the cleanliness of the food and the health of the guests and provide a suitable atmosphere within the hotel and among the staff.

3. Obtaining the initial approval

To request an initial approval, you must follow the following steps:
Provide copies of passports for yourself and your business partners as well as employees.
provide site plans, Building a certificate of completion of ownership for the hotel.
Send a copy of your manager’s passport along with academic certificates and experience letters.
Get approved “Certificate of Conduct” for your hotel by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
Obtaining approval from the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

4. Obtaining a license for hotels in Dubai

To launch a hotel in Dubai you need a tourism license. Here is the list of requirements to obtain this license:
Submit the receipt of the initial approval fee.
Submit the trade name certificate and related payment receipts.
No objection certificate in the case of a group or chain of international hotels.
Register on the Ejari platform and receive your lease.
Obtaining a lease contract from the landlord for a period of not less than ninety days.
Approval from Dubai Municipality and other legal sewage departments, and waste management, and public health, etc.

What is the cost of a hotel license in Dubai?

Tourism license can cost you from 35,000 dirhams to 45,000 dirhams, Including service and local agent fees.

What are the architectural requirements for a hotel in Dubai?

Your hotel must meet the following architectural requirements:
Kitchen area of at least 300 to 380 square feet.
having good ventilation, And the chimney is 2 meters away from the nearest building.
All walls and ceiling must be washable.
providing a sink for washing dishes, And a separate basin for cleaning vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs. It should be a separate basin for meat.
The food storage place is dry and cool.
Make sure that the sewer pipes are a moderate distance away from the walls.

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