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Gulf privileges in Dubai

Gulf privileges in Dubai

Privileges for Gulf nationals In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has made several advantages for citizens from outside the UAE.

This is by offering them the golden residency, which extends from five to ten years. It is determined automatically if the conditions for obtaining residency are still met.

The golden residency provides several privileges to all its holders, which we will mention in the following lines.

So let us show you in this article, What is golden residence?

And the benefits they get.

Gulf privileges in Dubai

We also mentioned that the UAE has activated privilege systems for some segments of society residing within the borders of the United Arab Emirates.

By establishing the golden residency benefit, Granted by the Ruler of the Emirates to some public figures and thinkers.

This feature has several other advantages, including:

  • Possession of a prolonged stay of up to ten years

One of the most important features of golden residency, It is the possession of a residence within an indefinite period of one or two years. It is extended to 10 years.

Renewal of residency in the event that the same conditions are established for the case of the residency owner.

  • Privileges for Gulf nationals in Dubai are 100% ownership of all investments that the residence owner can make

Among the advantages of obtaining the golden residency, The residence owner has the right to own his entire investment project without needing the participation of a local investor anymore, and this is a violation of the rules recognized in Dubai.

As previously, there must be a local partner for any project that can be established in the UAE, and that the share of the partner is not less than 51% of the total value of the project.

  • Work and study without the need for a sponsor

Among the privileges of Gulf citizens in Dubai is that it allows those who have golden residency to live with their families in the United Arab Emirates, without any sponsor.

In addition, they can work and study without any form of restriction.

In order to obtain a golden residency, you must meet the following conditions

  • have a doctoral degree, Doctors in all specialties can get golden residency.
  • computer engineering class, programming, electricity, technology.
  • All holders of degrees in advanced technology, artificial intelligence and virus sciences.
  • Early Annual General.
  • artists, talents, business men, and investors.

A summary of the aforementioned

The United Arab Emirates has attracted many investors and business owners to it because of the right measures to bring all kinds of investment into the Emirates.

This distinction is not limited to entrepreneurs only. But artists and owners of distinguished content as well. And a large part of them sought to reside in the UAE for those special procedures.

A number of Arab artists in all Arab countries also received the golden residency. Therefore, Dubai has taken the path of attracting many socially influential groups to attract the attention of all distinguished people around the world and to benefit from the experiences of each of them.

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