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gold investment in dubai

gold investment in dubai

Gold investment in Dubai is a type of highly profitable and guaranteed investment. Where the competent authority for gold investment provides a lot of facilities in gold investment, In fact, gold investment is not the most sought-after investment in Dubai. Where many international investors accept to invest their money in Dubai, in multiple fields, From investing in gold, real estate, or petroleum.

gold investment in dubai

In addition to the use of gold in adornment, and this is what people are accustomed to, Gold is used in the field of investment, as it is of paramount importance to economists. Central banks use it to diversify their foreign reserves. It can be used by the individual as a kind of valuable savings, Where he buys gold bars with the money he owns.

The UAE occupies the forty-sixth place in the volume of gold reserves. It is preceded by 8 other Arab countries in the ranking. The UAE uses the gold reserves in the settlement of international transactions, and the country does not use the gold reserves in anything else. Where you use it to secure the coin.

Gold investment is a successful investment. For many reasons:

  • Gold is not subject to the laws of one country or one market.
  • The value of gold is independent so no one can control it.
  • Gold is not affected by global economic changes.
  • Gold is used as a safe haven in times of crisis.
  • Gold is used as a way to keep savings from inflation.

How to invest in gold in Dubai

In order to work on developing investment in the field of gold, A federal local platform has been developed for gold trading transactions in the UAE. This made it much easier for investors to invest in gold. The following are the main methods used in gold development:

Futures :

An agreement is made between the seller and the investor to conclude a gold trade deal, but with a future date, Examples of such futures contracts for investing in gold are: those futures contracts on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, And gold contracts for gold between Dubai and India.

Investing in traditional ways:

This is the image that investors are accustomed to in the field of gold. where bullion is bought and held, The traditional investment takes place in bullion and is not recommended in artifacts. Because he will lose the right to sell the workmanship.

  • Gold investment by international investment funds: These funds are similar to those that are traded on the stock exchange. Each of these shares owns part of the investment fund.

Factors affecting the price of gold trading

Gold is a stable currency that is not subject to global economic changes. This makes it one of the best types of investments in Dubai. But it is subject to many factors. Those who want to invest in gold in Dubai must know these factors:

central banks

Central banks influence the price of gold by the change in the interest rate.

global market

The state of the global market affects gold, If the market is growing and booming, increased demand for gold, And your prices are very acceptable.

dollar price

The change in the dollar price affects all products in general. and gold in particular, Where the dollar is affected by the change in the interest rate set by the Federal Reserve Bank, The value of gold changes with it. Where the impact on the price of the dollar and the impact on the price of gold are inversely proportional.

demand for gold

Every commodity in the world is affected by supply and demand. Likewise with gold, And gold at this time has entered more than one field after it was limited to being an ornament only. We find it used in the manufacture of electronic devices, And in the pharmaceutical industry, where a lot of research is being done.

The demand for gold is among the highest for products; Because gold has a high commercial value and its use for decoration makes it the focus of everyone’s attention. Dubai is one of the leading countries in this type of investment. It attracts many investors through the facilities it provides to them.


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