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Free Zone in Masdar City

Free Zone in Masdar City

Free Zone in Masdar City

The free zone in Masdar City is one of the most important commercial communities in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the world’s most rich cities in natural resources. It is the perfect place to establish a business and launch or expand projects. It includes a variety of leading companies that vary between startups, big companies, small businesses, medium companies, and international companies.


Free Zone in Masdar City


Advantages offered by Masdar City

The free zone in Masdar City offers a lot of advantages, services and facilities to support business owners and help them establish their companies and start their businesses successfully.

These benefits and facilities include….

Fast and efficient licensing and visa issuance services

– 100% ownership of the companies.

A number of tax exemptions.

Spaces for rent at low costs.

Ease and speed of incorporation procedures through the single window.

Freedom to transfer capital and profits

– A starting point towards the local, regional and global markets.

These factors combined, along with the presence of a wide range of restaurants, cafes and outlets, have all contributed to making the free zone in Masdar City a vital center for doing business.


business support

Support your business at all stages

The free zone in Masdar City includes a business cluster that helps companies conduct their business comfortably and conveniently.

It is based on an environment that supports innovation and integration. It also offers competitive fees and a comprehensive support system. This gives the partners a great added value to their business.

The free zone provides its tenants with a wide range of support services through a single window of services. including registration and licensing, and support services, In addition to providing multiple options for leasing and development.


Flexible workspaces

The free zone provides investors with a wide range of suitable opportunities to meet the needs of all establishments and workspaces of any kind


office spaces

Masdar City provides office space that caters to start-ups, SMEs and international companies. Options include flexible office spaces within a co-working space, Serviced offices, executive offices and large units on the structure that provide the opportunity to create a unique office environment. Whatever your choice, All office buildings in Masdar City enjoy a prime location that allows employees and visitors to easily access it.


lands for investment

Masdar Industrial City offers investors the opportunity to choose between buying or leasing land under musataha contracts to help them build projects that enhance the city’s character as mixed-use and sustainable complexes at its core. The investment options offered by Masdar Industrial City include residential apartments, office buildings, schools and universities, commercial outlets, and light industry facilities, and research and development facilities, hotels and corporate headquarters.

. Retail spaces

Retailers can rent spaces that house food, beverage and service outlets throughout Masdar City.


Custom buildings

Large organizations can cooperate with Masdar City to create spaces for commercial or residential facilities, recreational and educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and corporate headquarters. The Masdar City team, in cooperation with companies , is committed to designing and implementing turnkey projects and achieving the best commercial, technical and financial standards. You can contact the Etqan team to assist you in requesting the workspace that suits you.

Some of the main clients of the free zone,

The headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Schneider Electric

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)


Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence


Establish your company in Masdar City in three easy steps


Set up your company in Masdar City Free Zone with Etqan in three simple steps.

1- Submission of company documents and application for registration.

2- Payment of fees and deposit of capital.

3- Receipt of the license and lease contract.

If you want to start your business in Masdar Industrial City, Our consultants are ready to assist you in completing all incorporation procedures and obtaining a license.

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