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Foreign investment in Dubai

Foreign investment in Dubai

Foreign investment in Dubai has become in recent decades one of the most important sources of income, the main income in the UAE. According to the information contained in the UAE economy report, The UAE rose three full places in 2018 from its position in 2017. As the UAE ranked 27th in the world in terms of attracting investors; There is no doubt that a country like the UAE has become among the countries that attract the attention of investors. It has all the basic ingredients that help in this. At the regional level, the UAE ranked first in the Arab world. It possesses not less than 30% of the foreign investment coming to the Arab countries.

Dubai is the investment destination

Dubai has become one of the best destinations in the world for investment. It is characterized by an infrastructure that provides the foreign investor with everything he desires. Foreign investment in Dubai is characterized by distinction and diversity. There are many sectors in Dubai that account for the largest share of the volume of foreign investments. Among the most important of these sectors are the following:

  • Financial services and insurance
  • Transformative Industries
  • Mining and quarries
  • Real estate business sector
  • Wholesale and retail trade

The most important foreign countries to invest in Dubai

Rich foreign countries always aspire to increase their investments. whether government sectors have it or depending on the private sector, In the search for good and investment-rich countries and cities, One of these cities is Dubai. It is one of the most fertile cities for investment. Therefore, these foreign countries seek to increase their investments in them, and among the most important of these countries are investments in Dubai:

  • United State
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • France
  • India
  • Japan
  • Holland

Foreign investment law in Dubai

Each country has its own laws that control the movement of investments in it. Some countries facilitate and work to facilitate their laws to serve the investor. And there are those whose laws are somewhat complicated, so investors are alienated from them.

Therefore, the investment law in Dubai is subject to a federal decree of law. This decree aims to promote investment and facilitate the surrounding environment for investors. And bring the largest size of diversified investments to Dubai, The law allows foreign investment to have direct ownership of up to 100% in certain sectors within the list of positive sectors for investors.

And unlike many countries; The investment law allows the investor not to commit himself to a local partner in certain sectors. Since it is known in many countries to oblige their investors to participate with their citizens in their private projects. Prior to the issuance of this decision, the investor had the right to own 49% of the company’s capital.

Advantages of the Foreign Investment Law

The investment law provides many advantages to create a fertile environment for investment and attract many investment opportunities. Among the most important advantages of this law are:

  • It guarantees that the project funds will not be seized or confiscated except by a court order.
  • Grants foreign investment companies the same treatment rights as national companies.
  • guarantees the usufruct right of real estate, Make money transfers outside the country.
  • The law guarantees to investors the confidentiality of technical, economic and financial information and investment initiatives.

Investment law enforcement procedures

The application of the Foreign Investments Law includes all projects. Especially these projects that stimulate scientific research, development and technology research. As Dubai has become one of the largest cities interested in computer science and artificial intelligence, and has entered strongly in the race of developed countries in using technology to develop its daily life.

It should be noted that this law does not apply to local companies and citizens of Dubai.

In this way, we have summarized the explanation of the foreign investment law in Dubai and some of the advantages that this law gives to investors in order to facilitate them and in order to attract a large investment base, which made Dubai the investment locomotive in the Arab world and the world at large.


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