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Establishing a tourism company in Dubai

Establishing a tourism company in Dubai

Establishing a tourism company in Dubai

Steps to establish a tourism company in Dubai, as the United Arab Emirates is one of the most attractive countries for investment around the world.

Because it has huge investment potential, In addition to the infrastructure that every project needs to take steps to succeed.

And now through this article, We will review with you the most important procedures necessary to establish two tourism projects in Dubai .


Establishing a tourism company in Dubai


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The UAE is the most suitable place for all entrepreneurs in the world. This is because it offers many advantages to investors, Who would like to have successful investment experiences.

But the question here is why choose tourism investment in Dubai?

The UAE will be your first choice for investment. This is because it possesses those factors that we will mention:

  • An excellent infrastructure for all investment fields.
  • A system applied in all Emirates in an organized and controlled manner.
  • The presence of benefits provided by the state to encourage businessmen in all parts of the world.
  • environmental diversity in the UAE, Which increases the chances of multiple investment.
  • Application of innovative technology methods in many sectors of the economy.
  • The UAE is ranked seventh in terms of security and stability.

The UAE has also made it possible to submit applications for the establishment of tourism companies electronically. Which will save a lot of effort and time for all businessmen.


What are the papers required to establish a tourism company in Dubai?

  • a copy of the passport, In addition to a copy of the personal identity.
  • A document proving good behavior.
  • You can ask for another set of papers, This depends on the nature of the company.


What are the conditions required for licensing tourism companies in Dubai?

  • The owner of the investment project must provide a place to practice the activity. The condition of the space being not less than forty square metres.
  • Submission of documents proving good conduct and behaviour. For both the director and the owner of the company.
  • It is necessary to appoint a company director and four employees, The manager must have at least 3 years of experience in the tourism field, if he holds a university degree.

If he has a high school diploma, He must have at least five years of experience in the field of tourism.

  • To make an undertaking to inform all clients of the correct data for the company’s tourism activities.
  • To make an undertaking to respond to all complaints that the client may submit against the company.
  • To make an undertaking stating the name of the company’s manager, And any change that happens in the future for this position.
  • The owner of the company should place a clear sign showing the working hours within the company. and holidays.
  • To submit proof of the existence of 200,000 dirhams in any of the banks within the emirate, The amount remains valid as long as the license is renewed.

In order for your tourism project to be successful in the UAE, you must work on a multiple marketing plan.

Includes all of the advertising in the global tourist sites, And advertising using all social media.

And this marketing must be through experts in the tourism field.

Itqan Investment Services offers you all the experts who can carry out all the company’s marketing plans.

It also provided the completion of all incorporation procedures in the least time and with the best quality. This is without the employer being asked to take any action.

Where the company accomplishes all the steps on his behalf.

Itqan is among the best companies in providing all investment advice. And we always strive to provide our best to all our customers in all the Gulf…


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