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Establishing a company in the free zone – types of companies

Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

Establishing a company in the free zone – types of companies

Establishing a company in the free zone

Dubai is the first commercial center in the Emirates. This is due to its advanced infrastructure and free trade zones that offer many facilities to entrepreneurs wishing to invest in them.

Where the number of free zones existing in the Emirate of Dubai has reached about 25 free zones with advanced infrastructure that meets the requirements of different businesses. Each of them has unique principles and requirements that are different from other free zones .

But before starting the company, There are several steps to be taken such as: determine the type of activity, And then learn about the steps to establish companies in free zones. If you want to easily establish a company in Dubai, you can contact Itqan company for company formation in Dubai.

Therefore, Etqan is here, where Etqan consultants help you to easily complete all transactions and procedures with government agencies.

In addition, to learn more about free zones and the steps to establish a company in the free zone in Dubai, in addition to the types of companies that you can establish in the free zones. Read on..

First of all, let’s get to know more about the concept of free zones

What are free zones?

They are economic zones in which trade obstacles such as traffic fees and bureaucracy imposed on trade are removed, as well as tax exemptions, customs benefits, and many investment incentives. This is to encourage local investments and attract more foreign investors, in addition to enabling the investing companies to increase their competitiveness and increase their returns by providing many advantages. Continue reading to learn about these advantages.

Advantages of establishing a company in the free zone:

In the same context, free zones provide many advantages and facilities to investors, the most important of which are:

  • 100% ownership
  • 100% tax exemptions for companies and individuals
  • Customs facilities and investment incentives
  • Full tax exemption for import and export activities
  • Ease of incorporation procedures
  • Modern societies and developed infrastructure
  • No restrictions on financial transactions
  • Free transfer of profits
  • Corporate and personal tax exemptions
  • Customs benefits and other incentives for foreign investors
  • Dispose of the full profits without any decrease
  • Full Sole Proprietorship
  • No restrictions on cash transactions
  • Full exemption from import and export tax

Steps to establish a company in the free zone

In the same context, the process of establishing a company in the free zone goes through several steps.

1- Choose the type of activity to issue a work permit

2 – Identification of the legal entity

3- Knowing the capital requirements for the project

4- Choose a trade name that is compatible with the activity

5- Finding a suitable office or headquarters for work

6- Complete all legal procedures

So , You can seek the assistance of Itqan company specialized in establishing companies in Dubai , where the Itqan team of elite business consultants will handle all procedures on your behalf.

Types of companies that you can establish in the free zone

There are many and varied commercial activities that can be established according to each free zone. For example , the Dubai International Financial Center is a free zone incubating financial and non-financial activities. Where financial activities include banking, insurance and wealth management, as for non-financial activities, they mean retail stores, restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and institutes. Similarly, d3 includes activities specialized in design, fashion, art, culture and luxury.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center, for example, It provides multiple options for nearly 600 commercial activities in more than 20 sectors. vary between energy, technology, healthcare, Shipping, financial and community services.

The cost of establishing a company in the free zone:

After that, the cost is divided into several stages.

1- The first stage: security approval and trade license

2- The second stage: renting or buying the company’s headquarters, as each company must have a physical headquarters in the Emirates

3- The third stage: Obtaining permits and external approvals from the authorities concerned with your company’s activity


In conclusion, we would like to remind you that you can request assistance in carrying out all procedures and obtaining all required approvals by contacting Itqan Company For Company Incorporation in Dubai. Where its specialized team in the field of establishing companies completes all information, obtains all required permits and approvals, and completes all procedures on your behalf.

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