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Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals

Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals

Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals

Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals can only be done through a registered agent, starting with determining the type of activity that you want to engage in. Carrying out the economic and necessary feasibility studies that help you support your choice of the appropriate project and the appropriate trade name for it. In addition to assisting you in obtaining security clearances, all the way to helping you prepare all the required papers. To complete the establishment of your investment project, in addition to helping you facilitate residency procedures for you and your family in the UAE.

All you need to do is contact us through our website to discuss the details of your business. After submitting all the required documents, we will, on your behalf, complete all the steps in order to obtain a license to conduct business in Dubai.

Also, learn about the range of distinguished services that we offer you in order to invest in the Emirates, from the feasibility study of projects in Dubai, to assisting you in financing your project through investors cooperating with us.


Establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals


Why Dubai?

Dubai ranked first in the “Financial Times” report “Best Performance in Foreign Direct Investment” globally for the year 2018. Which confirmed Dubai’s superiority over London, Paris, Dublin and Singapore. It appeared in all reports of the global rankings of the best investment sites issued in 2018 by the “FDI Markets” index. which monitors data on capital flows and new foreign direct investment projects around the world, and reports of the «FDI» index, which identifies the best foreign direct investment sites in the world through benchmarking comparisons.

From this point of view, all eyes are directed to the UAE, which is the ideal country to realize your investment dream and establish your company.

The period required in order to obtain a license to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates depends on the type of activities that you wish to engage in.

In addition to the legal form of the company, There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one federal or government agency, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled facilities and services to make Dubai the ideal interface for doing business and establishing companies.

There are many large and medium companies that want to enter into external projects, but in specific fields for their business branches and do not want to operate from the headquarters of their main company, as offshore companies allow the implementation of such projects

The establishment of offshore companies in Dubai is to provide more facilities for local and foreign investors within the framework of providing integrated services that allow them to carry out their foreign business.


The most important facilities offered by Dubai to foreign companies


A foreign company can establish a branch of its existing company and a commercial registry in Dubai:

  • No capital required
  • 100% ownership by foreign investors
  • Partners do not have to be in the UAE to register their company
  • The possibility of appointing department managers and managers in your company
  • Transferring all profits and capital to the investor’s country
  • Register the company by communicating with us online, and we will take all the steps and strive to complete them on your behalf
  • full exemption from income taxes, Whether personal or corporate taxes
  • Issuance of all documents required for the company within days
  • A wide range of commercial activities for the same license


Dubai Free Zone

The Dubai Free Zone is an area characterized by a special status that differs from the rest of the regions, as it is a tax-exempt zone. In addition, it enjoys the presence of low trade barriers, which enables the investor to manufacture various commodities and import or export them. In addition to trading or reconfiguring it, and all this without paying any customs fees. Most of the free trade zones are generally located in the most strategic geographical locations such as ports, airports and separating national borders, all of this with the aim of amplifying trade advantages.

There are more than 30 free zones in the UAE distributed throughout the Emirates. It contributes significantly to attracting foreign investments. Which is in the form of a group of companies working to increase the gross domestic product of the United Arab Emirates. Each of these companies is specialized in a specific field or commercial activity. The free zones in the Emirates work to facilitate the procedures for establishing an investing company in Dubai, and the most important of these facilities is that these free trade zones fully own the company to the investor by 100%, in addition to the absence of bureaucratic red tape and non-interference in the company’s affairs.


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