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Dubai Free Zone – Concept and Advantages

Dubai Free Zone – Concept and Advantages

the free zone
the free zone

The free zone is an economic zone that allows easy conduct of business, as trade obstacles such as fees and taxes imposed on trade are reduced, with the aim of encouraging new business and attracting more foreign investment.

Above all, free trade zones are keen to provide many features and facilities, and Dubai is the leading city in terms of free zones. As the number of regions hosted by Dubai reached about 25 free zones . Distributed in various fields of medical industry, finance, design and media. In addition to many other areas.

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But first, learn about the steps to establish a company, And advantages of incorporation in free zones

Steps to establish a company in Dubai free zones

Next, learn with us about the most important steps and legal points when establishing a company in one of the free zones in Dubai.

Advantages of incorporation in the free zone:

Similarly, free zones offer many advantages and facilities with the aim of stimulating and encouraging local and foreign investment

  • Corporate and personal tax exemptions.
  • Customs benefits and other incentives for foreign investors.
  • Dispose of the full profits without any decrease.
  • Full Sole Proprietorship.
  • No restrictions on cash transactions.
  • Full exemption from import and export tax.

activities that can be carried out

The activities that can be carried out vary according to the chosen region. For example, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center allows choosing from more than 500 activities in more than 20 sectors, such as technology, health care, media, financial services, and others…

There is also the Dubai International Financial Center , where you can do financial activities such as banking, insurance, wealth management, and capital markets, and non-financial activities such as on retail stores, restaurants, hotels, galleries, and academic institutes.

Similarly, there is Dubai Healthcare City , which is dedicated to health care centers, hospitals and clinics. Dubai Healthcare City includes more than 80 hospitals and medical clinics that operate according to international standards.

In addition, there are many free zones that support businesses in various sectors and fields. Click here to learn about them

In short, you can establish a business quite easily. Through the help of companies specialized in establishing businesses such as Itqan Company , where its experts complete all procedures and transactions on your behalf.

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