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Different UAE Visas Explained

البطاقة الذهبية في الإمارات للوافدين

Different UAE Visas Explained

The Different UAE Visa Options Explained

Like all countries worldwide, UAE issues many kinds of visas subject to your visit’s purpose. Knowing visa options in UAE would be very helpful for those keen on doing company formation in Dubai.    

Business visa

Under the Golden Visa system, foreign people can get a long-term business pass for themselves, besides their kinsfolks. This is mainly offered to all qualified business people who plan to open a company in Dubai or expand their business in UAE. Aiming to make a striking setting for firms to further boost the economy, UAE offers all business visa holders these benefits:

  1. Enter UAE for six months using a multiple-entry visa towards helping the process of setting up a business;  
  2. Naming at most three senior firm staff to get residency; and, 
  3. Approved to back their family members reliant on the requirements and conditions set by the relevant government agency.


Foreign business experts may request a business visa for as long as they:

  1. Exist owning 51% of a firm or work as a senior leader in a business; 
  2. Can prove their business knowledge;
  3. Have an idea or plan for a business they wish to open in UAE;
  4. Stay willing to migrate and legally take on a company formation in Dubai or in any of its other six regions; and, 
  5. Successfully meet the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship requirements, including the health assessment and background check, after receiving approval.

Take note, though, that qualifying for this visa type does not assure you of approval since specialized committees need to review your application and attached documents before granting a license.

e-Visa for GCC people

This electronic visa is for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain residents, and their companions. They have to request this visa online to go to the UAE that is good for 30 days, besides an extension of another 30 days.

Multiple entry tourist visa

A five-year visa is issued to foreign visitors and tourists to enter UAE many times. Each visit allows them 90 days and can be prolonged for an extra 90 days to encourage them to open a business in Dubai.

Remote Work Visa

To attract expertise and talents worldwide, UAE approved this scheme to assist employees in working online. This one-year visa permits foreign people to come to UAE independently and work aligned with their visa’s conditions and terms. Considered as the region’s model initiative, this provides business people and talents the opportunity to innovate within UAE’s attractive and safe commercial environment. Thus, visa holders get access to every necessary service, such as world-class telecoms and utilities. This scheme further supports future company formation in Dubai or anywhere in the emirates.

Student visa

This visa is given out to welcome foreign students more than 18 years of age to reside in the emirates. Outstanding students may get access good for five years.

Transit visa

UAE issues this visa either as a free fixed 48-hour type or as a limited 96-hour type with a fee of AED 50. These are sponsored solely by the UAE’s airlines and have to be processed, besides approved, before reaching the UAE.

Tourist visa

This pass is issued covering 30 days to 90 days representing a single or many UAE entries. Tourist visas may even be extended twice for 30 days each, without leaving the country. This is perfect for those with plans to open a business in Dubai but are not qualified for a visa upon arrival or visa-free access to the United Arab Emirates. 

Tourist visas may be taken for eligible tourists from all over the world. Take note, though, that females and children under 18 years old cannot request this kind of visa without their parents traveling with them. When visiting the country with adults or parents, they can obtain a zero-cost permit when applying from July 15 to September 15 of each year.

You may get a tourist visa through airlines subject to meeting their terms, such as getting their services. These airlines are Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, Fly Dubai, and Air Arabia. Another option is getting your tourist visa through hotels and agencies, which helps those thinking of company formation in Dubai

Licensed UAE hotels and travel agents can arrange for your tourist visa when you process your travel documents and avail of their services. Also, you can contact your national travel groups with a UAE tour operator for any package offered. Just make sure to check your travel agents’ authenticity by verifying them in your country’s UAE embassy.

Renewal or extension

All tourist visas may be prolonged twice for an additional 30 days upon successful approval of a request by the related authority. The process does not even need your leaving the country. So, suppose you are visiting the country with thoughts to open a business in Dubai. In that case, you can request your second renewal ahead of the first visa’s expiry date. The renewal or extension fee is AED 600. 

Suppose you stayed beyond the allowed time and failed to renew. In that case, you will need to pay the fine of AED 100 for every 24 hours of overstaying that is calculated after 10 days of the visa’s expiry date. No extensions, however, are given to:

  1. GCC electronic visa holders and their companions, 
  2. Holders of a 96-hour permit covering special missions, and 
  3. Special entry visa holders.

Retirement visa 

This is for UAE retired residents aged 56 years and above. They can obtain a five-year residence visa that can be renewed upon meeting any of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Earning actively each month for at least AED 20,000,
  2. Own a property amounting to AED two million, or
  3. Possess a savings of at least AED one million. 

When you need clarification or help with any of these UAE visas, you may check out ITQANS. For those who are actively planning to do a company formation in Dubai, visa applications are included in the services offered by ITQANS. They are always ready to help you, so visit their website now.

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