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Cozy Cabana Shisha Restaurant & Cafe Dubai

Cozy Cabana Shisha Restaurant & Cafe Dubai

If you want a restaurant and cafe with all the features that make you feel comfortable, the Cozy Cabana Dubai Restaurant and Café is characterized by sophistication and luxury. It is suitable for everyone. It contains the most delicious meals and drinks. All you have to do is go to Cozy Cabana and enjoy a unique and wonderful experience.

About Cozy Cabana

A restaurant that combines the Syrian atmosphere , sophistication and beauty, the Cozy Cabana Restaurant and Café is the first choice. Where there are the most delicious and beautiful recipes, meals and drinks, and it also holds many concerts and popular with the presence of the most famous artists, A cozy cabana in which you can feel the spirit of Syria and the Levant, so it is the favorite of many in Dubai. Cozy Cabana invites you to try its signature lunch or breakfast. You can choose from a wide range of what you want for breakfast, where there is fattah, beans, and fresh pastries that are baked daily. In addition to the presence of a distinctive assortment of main dishes that the restaurant is famous for, such as yalanji, fatteh, and tomato bulgur.

Advantages of Cozy Cabana Restaurant and Cafe

Cozy Cabana Shisha Restaurant & Cafe Dubai

Cozy Cabana Shisha Restaurant & Cafe Dubai

Cozy Cabana Restaurant and Café combines sophistication and beauty and has more than one feature, including:

  • Also, Cozy Cabana is a very suitable restaurant for children, as it contains places for children to play and have fun.
  • Inside the restaurant, there are large indoor courtyards, as it is characterized by spacious and comfortable spaces.
  • Also, Cozy Cabana is a restaurant and café suitable for everyone, whether individuals or families.
  • The restaurant can accommodate the largest number of people and groups.
  • There are large outdoor areas for parking and parking.
  • The restaurant is also characterized by the presence of the most delicious and famous meals in Dubai.
  • Having all the drinks to suit everyone.
  • It is worth noting here that the restaurant is characterized by cleanliness, as it cares about hygiene and high quality standards.

Cozy Cabana Restaurant and Cafe Menu

The most famous food in Cozy Cabana Restaurant:

  • cold appetizer.
  • soup.
  • Rice of all kinds.
  • hot appetizer.
  • authorities.
  • pizza.
  • sandwiches.

Address of Cozy Cabana Shisha Restaurant and Cafe

  • Umm Hurair Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • To contact Cozy Cabana Restaurant, you can call the following number for the restaurant +97143377997
  • The restaurant opens daily from 12 am. to 12 p.m.

Some customers’ reviews of Cozy Cabana Restaurant on social media

  • It was a great experience inside Cozy Cabana Restaurant, I enjoyed the experience very much, the food is wonderful and delicious, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant gives psychological comfort, and it will not be the last time.
  • Also, I always go to this wonderful place with the family, as it is distinguished by the wonderful decoration, cleanliness, and high quality of food.
  • I always go with my friends to the Cozy Cabana restaurant for breakfast, and the restaurant is very beautiful. I give it five stars

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