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Copyright and ownership – the difference between them and trademark registration

Copyright and ownership – the difference between them and trademark registration

Intellectual property is a somewhat confusing area. However, proving your intellectual property properly helps you avoid entering into many conflicts and disputes and helps you protect your legal rights and enjoy your creative output in peace at the same time.

If you intend to launch a business that contributes to the production of unique goods and launch them in the market, It is essential that you understand the difference between the two.

Copyright and trademark

The difference between the two:

Copyright and trademark registration are two types of intellectual property protection that protect creative works, discoveries, featured products, And the achievements…

Generally speaking, Copyright protects creative or intellectual works. Trademarks apply to names, phrases and business logos.

Copyright protects creative or intellectual works in general, While trademarks include the protection of brand names, phrases and logos.

Where copyrights preserve the right of those who create literary, theatrical, musical works of art, artistic and all other work resulting from intellectual creativity (such as coding)

As for the trademark, it protects the name of the company and the names of its products. As well as its brand identity (such as a logo).

Copyright protection

In this post, we’ll focus on copyright protection to help you protect your creative property

Copyright basics…

Rights protection

Copyright protection means that the business owner has the exclusive right to print, display, distribute, and perform the work. in addition to , The owner has the exclusive right to publish and transmit the work on the Internet .


To ensure copyright protection, The work must be original, The work to be copyrighted, shared and printed must also be Original “not copied or not quoted from another place” and must also be available in a tangible copy or form. like a book, or a map, or graph, print, dramatic work, sculpture, film, sound recording, or computer program.


Copyright remains for the life of the author or creator of the material plus seventy years and copyright has now been extended to include the performance, display and online transmission of the work in question.

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