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Computerized registration

Computerized registration

Computerized registration

Computerized registration means registration in the computerized aptitude test, Which occupies the interest of many high school students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to prepare for university education, as this registration is what determines the extent to which the student’s abilities agree with the college he wants to apply for.

General Aptitude Test Components

At the outset, we should know that aptitude tests are a variety of tests specially prepared by the Center for Measuring the Ability of High School Students. Which include the following:

  • The test includes two types of tests, one is quantitative and the other is verbal.
  • It is also based on measuring the student’s mastery of higher thinking abilities, such as the ability to deduce and analyze, by testing him in some mathematical operations.
  • Recognizing logical relationships with the sentence completion test, Test the ability to understand and complete texts.
  • Examinations are not based on what the student has previously studied in secondary school courses.
  • In addition, these exams test the student’s abilities to follow the research method, which constitutes a great challenge for a beginner university student.

Computerized registration steps

The student must log in to the measurement center website and create an account on it. He must also pay the fees for these tests, which are estimated at 150 riyals, and then follow the following steps:

  • The student registers on the measurement site with his national number and password from here .
  • A main page appears, from which he can choose general ability exams.
  • The student then chooses the type of computerized registration he or she wants.
  • A new page appears with a set of tests for the type of computerized registration, from which the student chooses what he wants.
  • However, the student should read carefully the instructions for registering for the computerized general ability exams, then press Agree and Continue.
  • To show the student the places to perform the exams in his geographical area, so that he can choose the ones closest to him, whether inside or outside Saudi Arabia. Then he chooses the appropriate time for him from among the available dates, and then confirms the reservation.
  • It can be said that these tests are available throughout the year.

Terms and places of computerized registration

They are simple conditions so as not to overburden the student, but they must be adhered to in order to ensure the organization of the exams and their seriousness. They are as follows:

  • The need to wear school uniforms during exams.
  • not to exceed the period specified for each test, Which ranges between two and a half and three hours.
  • Do not use calculators or the phone during the tests.
  • No student is allowed to make a draft during the exam.

The most popular computerized scoring sports questions

These questions were provided by Mr. Fahd bin Abdullah through more than 36 books. Among the most common mathematical laws in computerized registration tests:

  • Multiplication table from 1 to 13.
  • Units of measurement in kilometers, kilograms, speed units, and currencies.
  • SMA.
  • Area laws and sizes of shapes such as square and triangle.
  • percentage law.
  • The extent, mode, and median.
  • Sale laws and profit and loss ratio.
  • Algebraic identities.

Differences between the paper-based and computerized aptitude test

There are no differences in the exam questions, but the difference is as follows:

  • The location for the computer is done remotely in a high-quality environment in specific places internationally and locally. As for the paperwork, it is only done in one of the headquarters of the Measurement Center distributed throughout Saudi Arabia.
  • The results of the computerized tests appear faster than the paper ones.
  • Parts of the exams on the computer, the student can freely move between the parts of the exam and start with the section he wants, Unlike the paper, each section has a specific time and cannot be skipped and moved to another section.
  • Computerized test time The student can exit the exam as soon as he finishes his answers. As for the paper-based exam, the student does not leave the exam until all students have completed the exam.

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