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Company formation – profitable projects in Dubai

Company formation – profitable projects in Dubai

Although there are giant companies in the Emirates such as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi , Etisalat, Dubai Ports World, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emaar and other globally classified giant companies.

However, small projects (which number more than 350,000) generate more than 60% of the country’s GDP. This is superior to what is achieved by major local and international companies on the land of the Emirates.

These numbers highlight the importance and role of small projects and also highlight the profitability of these small projects. “With 350,000 small businesses contributing more than 60% of the country’s GDP, these businesses are making a lot of money.”

If you are a UAE citizen or resident, it is good to think about setting up a small project on UAE land. This project may guarantee you profits that you may not be able to achieve anywhere else.

If you are interested in setting up a small project in the Emirates. It is good that you continue reading, as we show you several small projects in the Emirates that achieve a lot of profits and successes.

Small projects in the UAE achieve a lot of profits:

IT solutions

Technology services have achieved impressive success in 2020. Which gives more opportunities to set up an IT business in Dubai. In the past year, many companies have turned to the digital experience, which was and still is the only way forward for entrepreneurs in times of crisis.

E-commerce in Dubai

The past year gave new features to many aspects of our daily lives and activities, the most prominent of which was shopping, as the Corona epidemic crisis drew consumers’ attention towards the online shopping experience and its ease. Which prompted thousands of sellers to move towards electronic stores. You can start now. Contact us to help you obtain an electronic merchant license .

logistics business

The boom in online shopping business has created the need to arrange deliveries simultaneously. So setting up a logistics business in Dubai is a good entrepreneurial idea. Due to Dubai’s close and seamless geographical connection with suppliers, This work may be very simple and profitable during the year 2021.

digital printing

The printing industry in the region has always been grappling with supply forces over demand due to the increasing number of new entrants. However, There may be an upside for printers due to the ongoing crisis that has increased demand for printed labels and instructions. This is to emphasize social distancing for the hospitality, healthcare and entertainment sectors.

Register an e-marketing company in Dubai

Dubai provides one of the best opportunities to launch your e-marketing company amid the evolution of marketing strategies , as we live in an era where information and services are available with a few clicks on our mobile phones, and the lifestyle of people living in cities around the world is witnessing a tremendous change while adapting to modern technology.

Tourism services

Dubai has always been at the top of tourists’ travel favorites even during the pandemic. It was one of the first destinations to open to visitors after making sure that all safety measures and protocols were followed.

In December 2020, the city witnessed the influx of large numbers of tourists to escape the closures in parts of the world.

As Dubai hotels witnessed an increase in occupancy rates of up to 71% in December, according to a report by the British research institution «STR».

Therefore, small business ideas that provide services in the hospitality sector, including specializing in visa processing and lifestyle management, are flourishing.

Professional consulting

There are about 27,307 commercial licenses in Dubai. This means that 64% of the total licenses granted by Dubai Economy are in the professional category.

So if you have a degree in psychology or are qualified to impart interpersonal skills.

Now is the time to implement your startup ideas in Dubai.

Whatever project you want to implement , contact Etqan now to help you complete all required procedures, register the activity legally, and secure all the requirements of your project.


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