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Company Formation in Dubai – Learn about the procedures with us

Establishing a company in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai – Learn about the procedures with us

Establishing a company in Dubai has become very easy because of the facilities offered by the United Arab Emirates to investors in order to help them start their investments without trouble. This emirate has always been the pioneer in including new concepts that would facilitate investment operations and the establishment of companies for investors. It was the first to establish free zones that offer many advantages and facilities to attract more foreign investment and build a prosperous investment environment. It has provided many advantages for investment within Dubai. It abolished the necessity of having a citizen partner and provided 100% ownership opportunity for foreigners.


Establishing a company in Dubai


As a result, there are many advantages that the investor will enjoy when establishing a company in Dubai.

In this context, if you intend to start a commercial activity, you can seek the help of Itqan, a company specialized in establishing companies in Dubai .

Therefore, let us learn together about the advantages of establishing companies in Dubai, the steps for establishing companies in Dubai, in addition to the types of licenses in Dubai:


Advantages of establishing a company in Dubai

Dubai offers many advantages and facilities to investors and entrepreneurs when they start their investments in it. The most important of these advantages:

  • First: 100% free capital transfer.
  • Secondly: Exemption from personal income taxes.
  • Third: Ease of incorporation procedures.
  • Fourthly: Not imposing any restrictions on the use of the currency.
  • Fifth: Advanced infrastructure that supports business.

You can learn about more advantages and exceptional opportunities that the Emirate of Dubai will open before you when you start your investments in it. By communicating with itqan company .


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

However, the company incorporation process in Dubai takes place through several stages, Learn about it in this article:

  • First: Determine the nature of the activity
  • Secondly: Choose the legal form
  • Third: Trade name registration
  • Fourthly: Obtaining the initial approval
  • Fifth: Find the location or address of the business
  • Sixthly: Obtaining additional government approvals
  • Finally, submit documents and pay fees
    And most of all, You can shorten your time and effort by using Itqan to do all these procedures on your behalf…

Types of company licenses in Dubai

Dubai provides a variety of licenses for investors. Learn about the most common licenses in Dubai…

Trade license in Dubai:

It is possible to talk about the commercial license, as it should be noted first that it covers all commercial activities.

Similarly, most entrepreneurs opt for the general trade option, as it allows them to engage in several commercial activities under one license. In addition to the possibility of importing and exporting any product except for products that require the approval of government agencies, for example: jewelry trade.

Professional license in Dubai:

In this context, investors tend to choose this license, due to its cheap costs compared to other licenses. In addition, speed and flexibility in issuance. This type includes professional activities only. However, this type of license covers consulting activities only.


Industrial license in Dubai:

After that, this license applies to industrial activities and factories. Such as: manufacture, packaging, packaging, and production.

However, industrial activities require many external approvals, for example: such as the Ministry of Economy, Civil Defense, municipality and others.

Tourist license in Dubai:

Therefore, this type of license covers tourism activities only. Therefore, it requires the approval of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai. In addition to several other requirements, for example: Insurance policy, office rent in Dubai with a minimum area of 300 square feet. Thus, the tourism activities that it includes are: Tour operator, hotel, and travel agency.

Establishing a company with mastery

Similarly, it should be noted that the process of establishing companies with Etqan takes place in only three steps:

  • CID Approval
  • Establishment of the company
  • Residence

In the end, it is possible to submit a request for assistance through Etqan experts at any time to establish your company and start your investment project in Dubai. Contact us now


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