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Companies incorporation offices in Dubai

Companies incorporation offices in Dubai

Companies incorporation offices in Dubai

Company incorporation offices in Dubai, as it has become the most attractive city for investment in the world.

This is due to several factors that made the UAE a beacon of money and business. It has all the ingredients that any investor needs to step on the road to success.

Therefore, let us, through this article, review with you the most important companies incorporation offices in the Emirate of Dubai.


Companies incorporation offices in Dubai


Companies incorporation offices in Dubai

Every investor needs to take several important steps, In order to establish his own company in Dubai.


So what are the critical steps for establishing companies?

there are several forms, To establish companies within the United Arab Emirates, Such as.


Establishing your company through the Internet

The Basheer website in the UAE made it possible for all entrepreneurs, To obtain some licenses in Dubai.

And through the website of the state, This shall take place in a period not exceeding fifteen minutes.

The types of documents issued by the entity are:

  • Commercial licenses.
  • Chamber of Commerce membership number.
  • The establishment card for identity and nationality.
  • Renewal of the commercial license of the establishment.
  • Work permit for the Ministry of Human Resources.


The virtual license is available to foreigners only

Any investor around the world can, To obtain an electronic license (virtual) to practice investment activity within the United Arab Emirates.

This license is issued without any residence restrictions for the investor in the UAE. However, there are some conditions for agreeing to grant you the Virtual License. The conditions are:

  • That the applicant for the license is not a resident of the United Arab Emirates.
  • That the investor be a citizen of a town subject to the taxes specified by the country in which he lives.
  • to be operating globally, It is not subject to a specific type of activity.


Establishing a company in the usual way

This is done by the investor choosing the type of field in which he wants to invest, if it is tourism, economic, professional, service, educational, etc.

After that, he must determine the legal form of the company. And that’s by way of being.

  • Public joint stock company.
  • Private joint stock company.
  • Simple recommendation company.
  • Solidarity Company.
  • A limited liability company.
  • Civil works company.
  • A local branch company.
  • Gulf branch company.
  • Free Zone Company.
  • Sole Proprietorship Company.

It is necessary that all of the commercial activity, With the legal form of the company.


There are also some necessary steps to establish your company in the usual way, which are:

Reserve the company’s trade name

The name must reflect the company’s activity. and not contain vulgar words, In addition to not repeating the name of any competitor before.


Initial approval

After completing the above steps, You can get the initial approval for the project.

However, there are some projects that require several approvals from legal authorities, especially for foreigners.


Choosing a location for the company

The location of the company is chosen by several factors, There are also some areas such as the free zone.

Which provides many advantages for all investors, It also creates the right environment of infrastructure to prosper any investment.


Memorandum of association of the company

Here, the company must have a memorandum of association. In it, it clarifies the legal form of the company, if it is a joint-stock company, private, single, Limited Liability…etc.


Approval from the concerned authorities

all investment activities, Special approvals are required from the concerned authorities

( Government agencies).


Itqan Investment Services is one of the most important companies that provide all services to all entrepreneurs.

It also specializes in establishing all kinds of legal forms for investment companies.

And this is through the best cadres that it possesses,

Therefore, you can rely on it to complete all the procedures needed to establish your investment project. And without any action by the customer.


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