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Business license work in Dubai

Business license work in Dubai

Business license work in Dubai

Obtaining a commercial license in Dubai is a necessary service provided by the Dubai government for those wishing to invest and establish commercial projects in Dubai in a sound legal manner.
There are various commercial licenses that are allowed to be obtained in Dubai for investors of different nationalities. The government provides endless facilities for flexible procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai.
A commercial license can be obtained in more than one way. We will get to know them in this article, and we will also learn about the advantages that a commercial license in Dubai gives you.
We recommend that you read the article to the end in order to benefit from the information that we provide in this article that will enlighten you on the way if you want to invest in Dubai.


Business license work in Dubai

What are the steps to obtain a commercial license in Dubai?
By asking about the steps to obtain a commercial license in Dubai, this process requires going through several legal steps and extracting specific documents and submitting them to the competent authorities in Dubai.
In order not to prolong you, here are the steps for obtaining a commercial license in 7 steps in order to establish an investment business in Dubai.

  1. The type of activity that you will establish is the first structure upon which the commercial license is built. Therefore, the type of that activity must be determined accurately. Is it industrial, commercial, service, tourism, or any other activity? In the end it is the first step that can be well defined to establish your business and obtain your business license properly.
  2. The commercial name that you will give to your project or company must include a set of legal conditions, otherwise it will not be accepted and you will have to rename your project, The legal conditions for a trade name are summarized in:
  • If you want to write the project name in two languages, You have to write it the same in both languages without having to translate the name.
  • You are not allowed to include the trade name on symbols, What is allowed is the use of letters and numbers only.
  • The commercial name of your project can consist of your first and last names in your capacity as the owner or one of the partners, and it is not allowed to use the surname.
  • Make sure that the name does not include one of the names of His Majesty, the name of a government agency, or political symbols, or is similar to a commercial name of another company.
  • There is nothing to prevent your company’s trade name from containing any registered trademark or localized name.
  • The main activity can be added to the trade name, but the trade name is not allowed to be the same as the main activity.
  • It is inappropriate for your company’s trade name to include any phrases that do not suit public morals or public taste.
  • This condition is for additional fees and includes paying about 1000 to 2000 AED if the trade name includes special features.
  1. It is important to know the laws that will govern your project and you can know them by selecting the appropriate legal form for the type of activity that was previously identified, There are many legal forms for companies in Dubai, (Solidarity, simple recommendation, Limited liability, public contribution, private contribution, commercial representative office, civil works company, branch of a local company, a branch of a Gulf company, branch of a foreign company, Free Zone Company Branch, Individual Foundation, holding company).
  2. To ensure the validity of the previous legal steps related to the activity, trade name and legal form, you must obtain the initial approval from the government centers concerned with these procedures in Dubai.

The initial approval requires payment of a small amount of the costs, which are among the costs of operating a commercial license in Dubai, which we will discuss in the following address. The initial approval costs about 100 AED as a fee for obtaining the initial approval. 10 AED knowledge dirham fees, Approximately AED 10 innovation dirham fee.

There are conditions for obtaining the initial approval in Dubai, which are: Submission of the unified number or identity number and submission of a decision by the board of directors or partners in the project in Dubai.

    1. One of the most important conditions for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai is renting a suitable space for work and establishing your project, not less than 200 feet, and that you attach a documented lease contract, or you can buy a plot of land and build the project on it.
    2. Depending on the type of your activity for which you will obtain the commercial license, you will take an additional step, which is to obtain additional approvals from the government agencies concerned with your type of activity in Dubai. Examples of these entities are: (Dubai Municipality Department, The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, executive board, The Ministry of Economy, Dubai Health Authority, Supreme Petroleum Council, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Justice).
  • After taking the previous legal steps and procedures, you will be able to obtain a commercial license in Dubai and obtain it after paying the costs that we will discuss in the following address. After that, you must go to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in order to obtain membership.

What is the cost of obtaining a trade license in Dubai?

  • The value of the commercial license registration fee in Dubai, which costs about 600 AED.
  • Knowledge dirham fee, which is approximately 10 dirhams.
  • The value of the innovation dirham, which is approximately 10 dirhams.
  • Advertisements for brand names, which are around 350 AED.
  • A service request form costs approximately 50 AED.
  • Foreign trade name fees range from 1,000 to 3,000 AED.
  • General trading activity of about AED 15,000.
  • The value of the investment activities fees, which cost about 15,000 AED.
  • Business center fee which is around AED 25,000.
  • Building contracting activities, amounting to approximately AED 10,000.
  • Dealer license fee which costs around 1070 with an additional Dubai Chamber fee of around 300 AED.
  • Driving license, which costs about 1070 AED.
  • Pay other fees, such as: Fee for articles of incorporation or service agent contract, and in the end, you can make a commercial license in Dubai.

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