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Best successful business activities in Dubai

Best successful business activities in Dubai

Welcome to a new article on the blog of Itqan company for establishing companies in Dubai. It is certain that many local and foreign investors resort to investing in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general, due to several advantages, the most important of which is the abundance of profitable business opportunities and the supportive business conditions by the government. You can enjoy a completely tax-free work environment. Full profit recovery and 100% ownership of your business. And many impressive advantages in the United Arab Emirates. So let’s take a look at a list of the best successful business activities in Dubai for aspiring businessmen. You can take inspiration from this list of several ideas in order to create your own touch.

Food trade in the UAE

Foodstuffs are imported, exported and manufactured in Dubai. You need to apply for a license to trade foodstuffs in the United Arab Emirates, by approving your application through the Economic Department, provided that your business headquarters has the necessary infrastructure and adequate hygiene.

Technology services in the UAE

Everyone can see the huge growth in the technology sector after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. When you start a business in the UAE, you can look into a variety of technology-related opportunities, including application development, website services, medical technology, financial technology, and more.

Marketing agency in the UAE

Many major marketing management companies are based in the UAE. Its status among the best business ideas in Dubai cannot be denied because companies of all sizes and in various sectors require a marketing management team to handle their marketing requirements. Especially with the development of the field of digital marketing, although it is still in its infancy. Many companies are currently working to strengthen their position on the web, and this is an irreplaceable opportunity, as the cost of establishing a digital marketing agency is simple compared to the demand and prices of its services. It also does not require the presence of employees at the workplace, as they can work from their homes only.

Electrical trade in the Emirates

Whether it is for home settings, companies, and private or public commercial establishments, Electrical appliances such as air conditioners, wires, cables, refrigerators, televisions, etc. You can start the business of trading electrical appliances in the United Arab Emirates by importing them from the manufacturing countries. You must submit all required documents along with your visa application. And wait for the approval of the Economic Department, It is the best business in Dubai for investors who are looking for abundance in customer requirements.

Clothing trade in the Emirates

Thanks to favorable market conditions, The clothing business is one of the most successful areas in Dubai. You can start your own clothing and textile trading company on the mainland or in one of the active free zones in the Emirates, according to your desire. The UAE government grants you the authority to produce, export and distribute clothing within the country and in foreign countries.

tourism sector in the UAE

Dubai is everyone’s favorite! Whether it is to establish a company or to spend quality time in a safe environment. Tourism remains among the best areas in Dubai. Such as health care tourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism and many branches that are in very high demand locally and internationally.

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