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Best public schools in Abu Dhabi 2023

Best public schools in Abu Dhabi 2023

Parents want to enroll their children in any of the best public schools in Abu Dhabi. As the education sector for this emirate is one of the vital sectors that contribute significantly to the process of development and prosperity of the country. It provides many educational services and distinguished schools for boys and girls.

The best public schools in Abu Dhabi

Public schools in Abu Dhabi are known for their high quality education. It offers a number of distinguished academic programmes. It is committed to providing all the resources and possibilities of free education, ideally, at the highest international standards, for all Emirati students. Therefore, we will present the best public schools in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Government Schools for Boys

Government schools for boys in Abu Dhabi are known for their integrated academic system. It also includes a wide range of schools that provide a suitable environment for students to obtain an education. It is also keen to provide all means of comfort to the student in the school, to make it a favorite for him and receive information, and also provides recreational activities so that the student does not feel bored with sports that develop the student’s physical and mental skills, which are as follows:

  • Al Rowad Model School in New Renaissance Al Wathba.
  • Abdul Jalil Al Fahim School in Al Zahraa One District.
  • Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib School in Baniyas East.
  • Khalifa Bin Zayed School in Al Karama Al Mushrif Street.
  • Al-Mutanabi School, Baniyas City.
  • Al-Bawadi School is located in Baniyas East.
  • Al-Khoram School located in Mohammed bin Zayed City.
  • Darwish School in Al Karam, located near the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, between two bridges.
  • Ibn Sina School located in Shahama.
  • Green School and where the farmer is located.

Abu Dhabi Government Schools for Girls

It includes a number of schools designated for girls and is distributed throughout the emirate, as it includes trained work cadres and has full experience in dealing with students and methods of delivering information in addition to that it includes a number of educational facilities such as laboratories, computer laboratories and other sports facilities as well, which include playgrounds, including the following

  • Al Wathba Governmental Schools are located in Al Wathba.
  • Imam Bint Harith School located in Al Nahda West.
  • Baniyas School located in Baniyas.
  • Al-Zalaqa School is located in East 11, Baniyas.
  • Salama Bint Butti School located in Baniyas East.
  • Umm Al-Arab School located in Al-Falah.
  • Al Reem School is located in District One.
  • Al Maha School is located in Al Falah area.
  • Fatima Bint Mubarak School located in the first district.
  • Maryam Bint Omran School located in Baniyas.

Abu Dhabi government mixed schools

It includes a number of mixed schools for boys and girls, as it is keen to provide the best educational curricula in an environment suitable for students. In order for schools to accommodate the curricula offered to them, modern and advanced methods of education are used, which are as follows:

  • Al-Khattm School located in the service area.
  • Al Muzdalifah School located in Al Nahda area.
  • Hamdan Bin Zayed School located on Hazaa Bin Zayed Street.
  • Yebbs Government School located on Yas Island.

Advantages of government schools in Abu Dhabi

Public schools in Abu Dhabi offer a large number of benefits to students upon enrollment, and these advantages include the following:

  • It provides integrated academic systems for all students and is suitable for their academic stages.
  • It includes a number of different facilities that facilitate the educational process.
  • Provides a safe environment for students and a unique educational experience.
  • It includes educational staff with experience in dealing with students.
  • It provides education from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

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