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Benefits of investing in the free zone in the Emirates

Investing in the free zone in the UAE

Benefits of investing in the free zone in the Emirates

Incorporation of companies in the free zone in the United Arab Emirates makes them companies subject to the rules and regulations of the free zone in which they were incorporated, which differ from the establishment of companies outside it.

With the exception of obtaining citizenship in the United Arab Emirates, The provisions of the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) do not apply to free zone companies. Provided that the free zones enjoy suitable conditions.


Investing in the free zone in the UAE


What are free zones?

Free zones are geographically defined areas within the United Arab Emirates. allowing for 100% foreign ownership. Free zones were established in the United Arab Emirates to support strategic transformation in vital sectors.

for example, The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) attracts companies in the financial services sector. Such as insurance companies and financial services. Also, you may find that Dubai Media City – a free zone in the Emirate of Dubai – has its own infrastructure and licenses adapted to the needs of the media industry and has its own laws and conditions. You may also find the Dubai Airport Free Zone (Dafza), which is a vital business center in the middle of the most prominent global trade areas. And due to its privileged location and proximity to the most active international airports in the world, Dafza is the perfect gateway to enter the region’s market. In addition to being a link between Europe, the Indian subcontinent and the Far East.

Thus, each free zone has its own requirements regarding the minimum capital. Office or warehouse space and permitted activities. They each possess the relevant licenses and sufficient legislation to enable their dedicated industry to thrive.


Advantages of establishing a free zone company in Dubai

The main advantage of free zone companies is 100% ownership, regardless of the nationality of the founder. And depending on the laws of the free zones, there is no need for a local sponsor or agent for the services of an Emirati citizen.


Advantages of free zones

Free zones in the UAE generally have good infrastructure and a business-friendly environment. There is a lot of government support for entrepreneurs and investors in free zones. Hence many benefits are transferred to the companies operating within the free zones. for example, The physical infrastructure of the DIFC is comparable to international standards.

1- Free zone companies are 100% tax-exempt. Depending on the free zone and working in it, The term of the exemption may last for several years and this exemption is renewable.

2- Companies in the Dubai Free Zone may open a bank account in Dubai, and access to international business.

3- The company can also be liquidated in the free zone and in accordance with its laws at any time, and you can also keep real estate property in the name of your company after its liquidation in accordance with the free zones law in the Emirates .

4- The number of free zones is increasing. In addition to the Dubai International Financial Centre, Thus, free zones cover a variety of sectors, What makes setting up a company very flexible.

The availability of a large group of multicultural professionals, which makes it easy to attract international employees, Where all free zones provide integrated services for work visas.

You can do any job in the financial fields, or educational, or retail, or hospitality, or media, etc. It is advised to refer to the concerned free zone authority to know the activities authorized by each concerned free zone. You can use a team of specialists and professionals from ITQAN Dubai to help you easily establish your company.


المناطق الحرة للاستثمار في الإمارات

Establishing projects in these free zones in Dubai is considered one of the best options for foreign investors who are constantly seeking to benefit from these distinctive advantages enjoyed by the free zones in Dubai. These areas were established in light of the UAE’s endeavor to diversify its sources of income by encouraging investors to invest in that local economy of its own.


الاستثمار في المنطقة الحرة:-

Those investments that are created in the free zones in Dubai are subject to the many laws that govern them, as well as investment in the free zone is subject to that authority that governs the free zone.


Therefore, in order to invest in the free zone, you must follow those steps that help you to establish projects in the free zones in Dubai, and these steps include:

  • القيام بتحديد نوع النشاط الذي يمكنك من تحديد نوع الرخصة الخاصة بالأعمال التي تريد الحصول عليه من أجل ممارسة الاستثمار في المنطقة الحرة فمن الممكن أن تكون شركة ذات مسئولية محدودة وتسمي تلك الشركة الخاصة بالمنطقة الحرة ومن الممكن أن تسمي مؤسسة منطقة حرة.
  • من أجل الاستثمار في المنطقة الحرة يجب عليك أن تقوم بتحديد ما إذا كانت الشركة محلية وقائمة وتريد إقامة فروع أخرى لها في المنطقة الحرة أم أنها شركة جديدة.
  •  كذلك من أجل الاستثمار في المنطقة الحرة يجب تحديد رأس المال الذي يتوقف على حسب المنطقة التي يتواجد بها وكذلك على حسب النشاط الذي سوف يتم ممارسته في المنطقة الحرة.


تأسيس شركة في المنطقة الحرة:-

Establishing a company in the free zone It makes you the only person in charge of this entire company and you do not need to have a local partner with you in order to help you Establishing a company in the free zoneAlso, the opportunity to establish a company in the free zone gives you the advantage that you can view all the cost data as well as see those amounts related to the incorporation process, and therefore there will be no hidden amounts from you.

One of the most important features of the Dubai Airport Free Zone is that it helps you establish a company in the free zone from 3 different types of companies, and each type of these companies carries many different advantages and options that can suit all your needs that are defined before.

It is possible that the establishment of a company in the free zone is of the type of the private establishment in the free zone, which consists of only one shareholder, and the company may be a branch of the branches of the local company.


خطوات تأسيس شركة في المنطقة الحرة:-

Everyone who wants to establish a company in the free zone must know the steps to establish a company in the free zone in order to follow them before starting the incorporation process and in order to obtain the general benefit for all, and these steps include:

  • القيام بتحديد الهدف من إنشاء الشركة فيجب على المستثمر أن يحدد النشاط الخاص بشركته سواء كان عقارا أو مواد غذائية أو أي مشروع أخر.
  • من خطوات تأسيس شركة في المنطقة الحرة أيضا القيام بأجراء دراسة عن احتياجات السوق وكذلك دراسة العملاء الذين سوف يتعاملون مع الشركة.
  • القيام بالتعرف على القوانين اللازمة ومن ضمن خطوات تأسيس شركة في المنطقة الحرة فيجب عليه معرفة القوانين الخاصة بالبلد التي سوف يقوم فيها بالاستثمار.
  • عليك القيام بتقديم ذلك الطلب الخاصة بشركتك التي تريد تأسيسها باستخدام الانترنت، ومن بعد ذلك يمكنك القيام بدفع التراخيص اللازمة والقيام كذلك بتوقيع تلك الوثائق القانونية اللازمة من أجل تأسيس الشركة.


تكاليف تأسيس شركة في المنطقة الحرة:-

To find out the costs of establishing a company in the free zone, you must first know that each free zone in Dubai has specific fees for incorporation that differ from one free zone to another. There are some free zones that specify, among the costs of establishing a company in the free zone, that the business owner have a minimum amount of the entire capital, in contrast to the one who opens a branch of an already existing company. Also, among the costs of establishing a company in the free zone are those costs that are related to sponsoring the employees working in the company and providing them with the visas that they need. Also, among the costs of establishing a company in the free zone is the cost of bringing goods to the state and I have the customs in Dubai, the cost of each type of these different types of goods.


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