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Andalus National School in Jeddah

Andalus National School in Jeddah

Andalus National School in Jeddah, It includes many educational stages that the student wishes to enroll in. As it is one of the best and most famous schools that provide students with a distinguished and superior education. The school was established in 1404 AH corresponding to 1984 AD in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It also expanded and opened another branch in the city of Taif in 1423 AH.

Andalus National School in Jeddah:

Al-Andalus is a science that combines the name, drawing, meaning and building. Also, history, glory and civilization belong with splendor, modernity and distinction. Andalusia is also the aroma of glorious memories and gifts that dazzled the world and breathed into it today’s civilization. Andalusia gathered many schools that were mentioned by the same name, returning to them to be the glow of ancient memories and the nourishment of the believing soul and the intelligence of the mind, heart and life.

Al-Andalus Schools is an inspiring idea that appeared in a Rabbinic session. Its light still radiates and floods all around, Whereas, the Andalusian schools started their project and ideas with a sincere and sincere word that touched righteous hearts, so they believed in the idea with faith. It provided the American curriculum, which helps students to study distinctly and adequately. All documents of the applicant must be certified by the Saudi Ministry of Education , the Saudi Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Advantages of Al-Andalus Private Schools in Jeddah:

The school includes many features that Al-Andalus Schools help to provide for the students enrolled in it, It offers several conditions for admission to it. Most notably:

  • The school includes a staff of teachers with skills, experience and professionals in all subjects.
  • Also, schools pay attention to all students and provide health and physical care by providing their own means of transportation.
  • It also provides a sophisticated and distinguished level for the students enrolled in it.
  • It includes a group of well-qualified workers to work with
  • Every year, schools witness an outnumber of students.
  • It also has a group of auxiliary workers, And who work to provide all the comfort for the students.
  • Al-Andalus Schools is keen to keep abreast of all that is new. It is also keen to introduce the latest and best technologies and modern methods in the field of science and teaching.

Al Andalus National School Fees in Jeddah:

You can learn about the special fees set by Al-Andalus Schools , which were established in 1444. As follows:

  • The fees for the first, second and third grades for boys and girls are 22,000 Saudi riyals.
  • The fees for the fourth grade of primary school for boys and girls are set at 23,000 Saudi riyals.
  • As the fees for the fifth grade of primary school for boys and girls are 23,000 Saudi riyals.
  • The fees for the sixth grade of primary school for boys and girls are 23,000 Saudi riyals.
  • The fees for the first, second and third intermediate grades for boys and girls are 26,000 Saudi riyals
  • The fees for the first, second and third secondary grades are: 28,000 Saudi riyals

Branches of Al-Andalus National School in Jeddah:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes branches of Al-Andalus School, which you can learn to join. As follows:

  • Al Rawda District Building: The city of Jeddah, Rawda area, The end of Al Kayyal Street from the direction of Prince Sultan Street.
  • Al-Zahra District Building: It is located in the city of Jeddah, Al-Zahraa district. In front of the Saudi German Hospital, Qutham Bin Abbas Street.
  • Makkah Branch: It is located at the end of Al-Hidaya Street in the southern Al-Azizia area. Mecca.
  • This branch is located: Next to Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque in the northern Al-Azizia area.

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