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Absher login

Absher login

Absher login

Absher Login is an electronic system that was launched by the Saudi Ministry of Interior. Many citizens and residents are helped by the ease of looking at their government transactions without the need to refer to government departments. It also links all government sectors, and the application serves 11 million subscribers, and there are 160 electronic services.

Absher login

Are you wondering about Absher login? Below we will show you how to log in in detail:

  • The registration page must be on the Absher website through their website.
  • Then choose the new user icon and enter the following: ID number (residency number, ID number) – phone number – username in English, taking into account the instructions – write the password – confirm the password – confirm the e-mail (e-mail).
  • Then accept the requests and click on Next.
  • As well as entering the code that was sent to the mobile phone that was registered, And press record.
  • The last step is to go to the nearest branch in order to benefit from the services on the platform.

The main objectives of the Absher platform

The objectives of entering the Absher system are:

  • Performance speed, development and improvement of all system services.
  • Reducing the number of auditors affiliated with the organization.
  • An electronic link to collect government sectors.
  • Control not to be in falsification and forgery.
  • Reducing the time and effort of citizens and residents.

Absher electronic services

Absher login services are:

Furajat service:

The Farajat service was launched by the Saudi Ministry of Interior on May 29, 2019. Through the Absher application, there is assistance and volunteering in the release of prisoners by contributing a sum of money to the concerned specialized authorities in an electronic way. In its first year, 3,281 persons sentenced to an amount of 136 million riyals benefited from this service. In the second year, it was developed so that the convicts are according to the people who need it most.

Other services of the Absher platform

On the sixteenth of December 2019, the Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad bin Nayef, made it possible to provide 13 electronic services in the Absher application for a number of sectors of the Ministry of Interior. Some of them will be mentioned (issuing a family registry in the event of marriage, birth registration, Visa services for privileged residency holders, foreign investor assistance services, impounded vehicles, allegiance to vehicles, Inquiry about foreign vehicles, violating public taste electronically) and the services in the Absher system reached 180 at the end of 2019.

Absher platform self-service

The Absher registration system made available to citizens and residents the self-service of Absher located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this is through Absher devices near you by activating your account in Absher from here , through this feature we can change the password, phone number change, Query for the nearest nearby device.

Absher sectors

Absher system sectors Haya login:

  • Know the remaining general balance payments.
  • Inquire about circulars.
  • General inquiry about transactions.

Passport service on the Absher platform

There are Absher system services for passport login. Which:

  • There is also a query about visa services.
  • Find out when to renew the residence permit.
  • It is also possible to inquire about the date of issuance of the residency in order to receive it.
  • You can also inquire about the travel permit for dependents.
  • Passport renewal date.
  • There is also a service for the date of issuance of the passport to receive it.
  • Inquire about the date of extending the visit visa.
  • Know when to transfer services.
  • Inquiry about changing the profession.
  • Knowledge of follow-up services.
  • Inquire about travel history.
  • There is also a passport inquiry service.
  • Inquire about the address.
  • You can also inquire about the fingerprint.
  • Inquire about health insurance for residents only.
  • There is also an inquiry about the status of an exit-re-entry visa.
  • Inquire about employment status.
  • There is also a service to inquire about the validity of employment.

Traffic service on the Absher platform

Absher traffic registration system services are available. Which:

  • Inquire about vehicle services.
  • You can also inquire about a user being added to a vehicle.
  • Inquire about vehicle registration renewal.
  • There you can also inquire about a driver’s license.
  • Inquire about canceling a vehicle user.
  • Knowledge of driver’s license information.
  • You can also inquire about traffic violations.
  • Inquire about the validity of vehicle insurance.

Civil works agency services

The most important services of the Civil Works Agency are the following:

  • Know my data service.
  • Reporting lost documents.
  • Reserve a request for a replacement document.
  • There is also a poodle identification service.
  • There is also an estimate service.
  • Inquire about health insurance.
  • Know the address information.
  • Personal data.
  • take an appointment.
  • Inquire about the right to perform Hajj.

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