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A tour inside the Friday market in Fujairah

A tour inside the Friday market in Fujairah

The Emirates includes a group of the largest shopping centers and malls, the most important of which comes the Friday market in Fujairah, as it attracts a large number of tourists and local residents alike. It is one of the well-known popular markets throughout the Emirates, and it provides all the needs of residents and visitors, as well as the necessities of the modern home. Although it is called the Friday market, it is open all days of the week due to the large number of visitors.

About the Friday market Fujairah

The market is one of the most famous popular markets in the Emirates, in Fujairah, specifically in the eastern region, which is interspersed with tall mountains that have stunning landscapes. The most distinctive feature of this site is that it is located between a mountain range in a low area where it rains most of the time of the year. As this helps to attract a large number of individuals to hold parties and other things. In addition to providing various services, it was able to maintain its position in the region and neighboring areas.

Friday market shops in Fujairah

There are more than 100 shops in the Fujairah market. Where all of them are located in the open air, which makes shopping a pleasure in the arms of the charming mountain nature. This makes it free from the constraints of crowding, such as the closed city markets, which gives a distinctive flavor to a trip. It also includes a wide range of the best products that include furnishings and carpets with more than 500 pieces of the finest types, designs and flags that suit all people. And handicrafts, including pottery, heritage pieces, seasonal products from farms, and others. In addition, it produces a number of farms that include fresh fruits and corn. In addition to vegetables of all kinds, as well as the Emirati honey product, which is famous worldwide for its quality and is extracted from the best apiaries and sold in the ancient market. It also includes areas for selling children’s toys and stores specializing in games and gifts

Prices in the Fujairah market Friday

The Friday market in Fujairah still bears the old fingerprints, since it was established 30 years ago and provides a number of essential necessities and needs for the family. Affordable prices. As it includes handicrafts and simple crafts that are distinguished by quality and reasonable price, and which attract the admiration of a large number of people far away. It includes vendors from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who price their goods and put a pittance in return for the quality of the commodity they offer. It is also possible for the seller to bargain over the price to reach a price that satisfies both parties.

Fruit seedlings

A number of people at the Fujairah market on Friday say that he has been visiting the market for a long time. And he finds that his prices are reasonable compared to other markets. It provides seedlings and fruits at reasonable prices and everything that family members need at home. The agricultural seedlings are originally from the history of this region and are available in the market in different types and shapes such as flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits and others. which are popular with people.

Market establishment

The market occupies a privileged location, as it has been around for more than 30 years, and it was established by one of the sons of the Masafi region. He is the citizen, Khamis Al-Sitradi, and he started by opening a small shop to sell local honey products on the side of the road. After that, small shops and shops abounded around it selling products such as vegetables and fruits to visitors from this region, and after that it became a market called the Friday Market for all citizens and contains all their needs.

Friday market location in Fujairah

The market occupies a strategic location, as it is located near the Masafa area and in the middle of the road that connects the city of Al Dhaid and Fujairah. As it attracts a large number of residents and tourists, it features various shops and stores.

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