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Set up your company in Dubai with ITQAN - Advantages

As all successful people in business know, the growing economy of Dubai presents many prospects.  The finance, services, trade, real estate, and other properties are giving back profits.  So, the plan to set up your company in Dubai is undoubtedly a good investment.  After all, Dubai is a famous city for wealthy people because of the freedom it gives them to enjoy, besides invest their funds. 


Why set up your company in Dubai?


In the entire United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the top cosmopolitan city that makes tourists from any country in the world spend their holidays for the sheer joy of shopping.  It has a burgeoning economy since the UAE holds the most generous trade regime within the Gulf area. 


For almost half a century, it has an open market with a high income per person and significant excess in its annual trade.  For this reason, it is advantageous to set up your company in Dubai.  What is more, these firms even shift their base in Dubai, besides launching offshore concerns from there.  


Today, the UAE stays as a home for many startups, as well as multi-million dollar firms.  Indeed, this land exists wealthy and putting forward stable business settings for all, causing a massive influx of foreign capital spending in the region.  And, in turn, for company formation in Dubai this makes the country more robust than ever and in the position to give more striking structures and services. 

Company Formation in Dubai and Business set up 


Pursuing all possibilities, the UAE government make sure that foreign investors meet absolutely no worries about operating their companies.  This resolve translates into their world-class structures and amenities, as shown in their connectivity, office spaces, business parks, warehousing, transportation, and utilities.


Even the local culture will support you to set up your company in Dubai. Although Arabic stays as the official language, English remains the most commonly spoken language within the business sector.  Also, you get the chance to revel in the delectable native cuisine and experience the Arabic heritage in their architecture, art, and music. 


And this is on top of their education policy and a reliable healthcare system.  In the UAE, health insurance is mandatory for all its residents.  So, it comes as no surprise to find in UAE famous healthcare institutions, besides tertiary and specialized hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic. 

Company Formation in Dubai


Its literacy rate remains at an astounding 92.5%, with well-known international universities serving its populace, like MIT and NYU.  Its strategic location also supports company formation in Dubai.  UAE has an exceptional and strategic location amid the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia.    

Emirates, the national airline of Dubai, provides 1,000 flights weekly to countries all over the globe, resulting in easy entry to the GCC, besides all Middle East countries.  A business in Dubai is most suitable as the main office for companies having the intention to expand to Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Palestine, and other MENA or Middle Eastern and North African countries. 


Then again, you may be having problems with setting up your business in Dubai.  Or, perhaps, you are dreaming of opening your business home office in Dubai, but just do not know how and where to start.  And, of course, you probably have been shelving that Dubai business plan just because you have no idea whatsoever of how much a business setup in Dubai will cost! 


Set Up Your Company in Dubai with ITQAN


If so, then check out ITQAN. ITQAN started offering its services to the public.  If you have not heard about ITQAN, then allow us to introduce this Dubai Business Consultancy firm.  This prestigious company does business and trading licensing for Freezone and mainland areas. 


And if you are not familiar with their difference, it solely lies in the partnership requirements.  So, if you want to set up your company in Dubai's free zone, there is no need for you to have a local partner, meaning you get 100% ownership of the business.  In contrast, if you prefer a business setup in Dubai’s mainland, a local partner is needed to open a license to operate there. 


Whichever way, ITQAN can help you in setting up a business in Dubai.  If you are living in Dubai, you may personally check the company out at Level 9 of The Offices 4 in One Central, World Trade Center.  Otherwise, you may visit their website at and give them a call through the phone number shown there.


What Makes ITQAN Stand Out in the Business Consultancy Industry?  


ITQAN take pride in their team of consultants, admins, and professional associates who work with clients to pursue insight into your business, besides adapting unique solutions to the specific requirements of every client.  And this is made possible by their observance of a work ethic that makes them flexible to anticipate the potential needs of clients.


In the process, they end up offering quick and reliable solutions to drive and promote the business visibility of each client.  The company even provides value-added services depending on the needs of the client’s business.  The services offered are:

1.    Establishing companies, including compliance of all legal papers for people of any nationality;

2.    Providing warehouses and offices as needed by companies;

3.    Registering trademarks anywhere in the world;

4.    Formulating corporate contracts, agreements of association, distribution contracts, and franchise arrangements; 

5.    Facilitating all paperwork related legal requirements constituted and transacted by the government agency;

6.    Representing client business, including business negotiation;

7.    Assisting in financing projects through seeking out investors;

8.    Conducting a feasibility study in support of Dubai projects; and,

9.    Finding investment opportunities in favor of Dubai projects through existing projects or feasibility studies.


For business startups and expansions, ITQAN is also well-known for its three easy steps in processing your residence and company license in Dubai in just 28 days.  And as the company provides superb services until the clients get their business in full operation, so do they stay transparent in billing clients.


Can you find any other business consultancy company that will only ask you to focus on your project plan to hit upon the right investors?  Do you want to set up your business in Dubai? You can contact our team experts and they will it from there.

We always stay with our clients.

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